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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    B450M Mortar Max
  • RAM
    Patriot Viper 2*8 3200MHz
  • GPU
    MSI Gaming 1050 Ti
  • Case
    MSI FORGE 100R
  • Storage
    120GB Patriot Burst
  • PSU
    HighPower 80+ 500W
  • Operating System
    Win10 64x

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  1. i understood, i have another computer with me so, i can download anything i want, if i need weird pieces of software. Thank you all
  2. Support page has most of the drivers, i will store all of them to an USB in case i need them. Would i encounter with weird problems while installing the windows, if i can get to desktop, Rest is cool.
  3. I don't even know if the laptop has a NVMe SSD, I ordered it yesterday but haven't received yet. Trying to prep utilities for the format procedure. In the webpage, it doesn't have a serial code for me to check so I'm adding the webpage name of the laptop maybe you guys know more than me, "LENOVO Legion 5, Gaming Notebook mit 15,6 Zoll Display, AMD Ryzen™ 5600H Prozessor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, GeForce RTX 3060, Dunkelblau/ schwarz"
  4. Someone mentioned I don't know that if my computer uses intel rapid storage, else this should be an easy installation. I know enough about computers but never had a laptop, so I'm little confused sorry
  5. i think you can check the Windows version from CMD right ? I can make sure that way.
  6. Thank you for very detailed explanation, as i searched they are not that much bloatware, and you can remove or at least disable most of them, but i bought the laptop from germany but i don't speak German, so probably laptop will come with a German Windows 10, as i know you can't totally change it in the settings (if you can just let me know), i need to check again but if its the case i might need to format, Honestly i don't care that much about little bloatwares which are unharmful.
  7. Hi there, I recently bought a new laptop (Legion 5), but laptops have a bunch of bloatware, apparently you can't get rid of most of it by deleting them. There are a few useful apps in the computer which I don't want to lose, like fan control etc. I love formatting my gaming rig now and then but, my only question is that, is there a chance for me to lose my Windows license, there are different types of licenses and I don't know which one do I have in my laptop right now. Thank you
  8. I found a Legion 5 with 5600H and 3060 for less than M1 Air's price. I will go with it most likely. Couldn't find the 5800 model, Thank for the advice
  9. I have been using Windows since I got my first pc, and most of the programs runs better on Windows, so getting a Windows would be the better option, I was aware of this but didn't want to search for a good laptop. 256 and 8gb can't do the trick, you're right. Legion 5 has decent specs for almost the same price, (5600H, 3060) But as I said kinda thick, also checked the G14 but its about 1700 euro, way over my budget. If I'm going with windows, there are a lot of options. I might build my own rig there too but can't carry with me so I will need to use 2 different PC, it would create some file p
  10. Hi there, I am moving to another country and can't bring my gaming rig with me, I do a lot of 3D Design and 3D rendering for my work, therefore I need something to use at my new location. I will go back and forth, so I thought a laptop would be to choose, I like macOS, Macbooks are pretty lightweight, Another thing is, I don't want to get swarmed with lots of different brands and with their bunch of, "looking similar but different models". Apple made it easy to choose for the consumer. My question is; I am planning to buy a Macbook Air M1 from Apple. Can I run 3D programs on
  11. I changed 4.1ghz to 4.2 and got little bit more Cinebench R20 result (3762) still running stress test past 25min I don't see any problems but before applying this settings to bios I will check with a few program thank you. (Bide türk müsün)
  12. Hi everyone, I decided to undervolt my CPU and looked a few guides. I started to lower my voltage from 1.3 and selected 4.1ghz. Lowered the voltage by 0.01. I did Cinebench R20 every time i lower the voltage. I gained performance in Cinebench(3680 currently) stopped at 1.1v because it felt already very low. I'm doing aida64 stress test rn. Past 6min no problem. My question is, is it normal that it could reach to 1.1v ? And should I use it like this if it completes the stress test successfully?
  13. I do scannow everytime, for my last and current one, i run scannow it found corrupted files and fixed them, i rebooted but it uninstalled the graphic driver, i don't know why. After that i did scannow a few more times sometimes it found corrupted files and couldn't fix them, sometimes found and fixed them, but it never said there is no error or corrupted files. But i was feeling good because system installed all the updates succesfly etc until i get my BSOD. Now i don't know if it has a pattern but, it get BSODS, desktop stops responding and i get "critical_procces_died". I checked the cables
  14. Hi everyone, i installed my gaming setup and for 2 days im trying to install windows on my system. Every single format had a different problem, I think main problem is the windows updates, before updates system works fine. After the installation or while the updates i get errors or corrupted system files. Some had "couldn't install the update undoing and cleaning" after this system files get corrupted and thing gets weird. BSODS "critical_process_died".In my a few runs everything worked almost good but it couldn't start the windows audio(tried drivers etc). In my current windows, updates suc
  15. ı I am having something like yours right now, i just installed my new setup and for 2 days im trying to install a stable windows to my pc. I formatted the pc like 20 times. After the updates and drivers. something wrong happens, system files get corrupted, black screen, bsod "cricitcal_procces_died" i tried everything. I make a clean format but after a windows update everything get fucked up. I can't think about software problem anymore, i got bored and ordered an ssd already but im not sure it will solve the problem. What can cause this really, i run sfc /scannow it finds things, i r