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  1. Sometimes while playing AC4 or FC3 i get a black screen, but the audio stays running for a couple seconds Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 Intel Core i5 3570K @ 3.40GHz MSI Z77A-GD65 Gskill Ripjaws 4x2 DDR3 1600Mhz MSI 7870 Hawk 1100Mhz (stock) WD Blue 1000GB Enermax NAXN 750w 80+ Bronze Modular Also completely new problem, the screen freezes and make a buzzing noise but that happens rarely
  2. Vyroxeres

    Can somebody explain what is/how to play DOTA 2?

    Check this guide by Purge http://www.purgegamers.com/welcome-to-dota-you-suck, hope that helps.
  3. Vyroxeres

    Video game name generator

    Telekinetic Maze Groove Hmm.......
  4. Vyroxeres

    Steam user names?

    Vyroxeres i play DotA2 as Sven Hard Carry
  5. Vyroxeres

    gaming snack you prefer?

    im the opposite of you, i will always to mix my hardware with my food so im hardware brok i can eat it
  6. Vyroxeres

    gaming snack you prefer?

    The game itself.
  7. Vyroxeres

    Make me a SC2 name?!?

    1. roll your face on the keyboard : avfygPYFGPf 2. make it readable : avfaypef.GPfart 3. make it clearer : Avefays.GPfart 4. ???????????? 5. Profit
  8. Vyroxeres

    Whats your favorite PC game???

    CS:GO : im going to retire S.O.O.N DotA 2 : you get nothing GOODAY SIR
  9. Vyroxeres

    What's Your Favorite Web Browser?

    Chrome because im too lazy to switch to anything else
  10. Vyroxeres

    What FOV do you play at?

    90 or QUAKE PROOOO in Minecraft 90 in TF2 default in CSGO my display is 1080p 27 inch
  11. Vyroxeres

    What game from 2011 to 2013 have you put the most hours in?

    Most felt CSGO 371 most omg really that long TF2 511
  12. Vyroxeres

    Let's Make A Game

    but but Counter Strike QQ, okay
  13. Vyroxeres

    Let's Make A Game

    can you explain clearer english is not my primary languague