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  1. Oh wow! I guess I didn't look hard enough when I checked NCIX for the SW3. I think I will spring for those. Thank you very much for your help! If I have trouble with those (god forbid), I will try the NF-S12As or the Venturi fans that ivan134 suggested
  2. I will be using them as front intake and rear exhaust (not mounted on any radiators). I'm located in the US (Oregon, specifically)
  3. I'm looking for some suggestions for fully black or black/grey 120mm/140mm case fans that are as close to completely silent as possible (particularly with regard to bearing/motor noise). I bought Be Quiet! 140mm Pure Wings 2 PWM fans, and they made a rattling noise from the motor that was irritating from 1 meter away, so I returned them and bought Corsair AF140 Quiet Edition fans, which ended up rattling about 3 times as loud. My CPU cooler included a 135mm SilentWings 3 fan from Be Quiet! and it is 100% silent until I get close enough to nearly chop my ear off. However both Amazon and Newegg are out of stock of the non high speed SilentWings 3 fans. I considered the black Noctua IndustrialPPC fans, but they only come in 2000 and 3000 rpm, and I've heard it is next to impossible to get them truly silent. My requirements are that the fans, enclosures, mounts, and cables must be fully black or black with dark grey accents (colored stickers are fine), 120mm or 140mm, have 0 motor/bearing noise, and I would prefer to pay $30USD or less per fan (though at this point I may be willing to sacrifice my first-born child). I know I'm picky, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you for all the responses! I tried what you've all suggested with no luck. However I completely removed both case fans and the sound disappeared. I replaced the rear exhaust fan with the one that came with the case, and the sound was still gone (but now with a higher pitched rattling from the fan). So either both Be Quiet! SilentWings fans are defective, or they are spinning at a frequency that is causing the case to vibrate. Either way, I've found the source of the issue. Thanks again for your suggestions! EDIT: I just ran both of the fans out of the case, and they both make a very quiet rattling noise identical to the one I heard when they were in the case. So I guess the vibration traveled through the case, which acted like an echo chamber.
  5. I recently built a new PC, and I paid good money to make sure it is silent at idle. However, it is making a rattling noise that sounds just like a mini idling diesel engine, and it seems to be coming from the front of the case. What I have tried: - Unplug the 2 case fans (one in front, one in back) - Unplug CPU fan - Remove graphics card - Swap out PSU None of these steps did anything to alleviate the rattling noise, and there are no other moving parts in the entire system. The noise is loud enough that it is annoying from a meter away, and I can hear it with my open-back headphones on. It sounds like it is coming from the front of the case right by the front intake fan, but unplugging that fan does nothing to stop the sound. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Specs: - MSI z170a SLI Plus motherboard - EVGA GTX 1070 SC - Corsair RM750 power supply (overkill, I know, but I got it on sale) - Be Quiet! Dark Rock 3 CPU cooler w/ stock 135mm SilentWings PWM fan - 2 140mm Be Quiet! SilentWings PWM case fans - Enthoo Pro M case - Samsung 850 EVO SSD (no HDD)
  6. Thanks for the reply! I guess I will look for a case that will better accommodate it
  7. I can't find any information on whether the Bitfenix Comrade case will accommodate a Be Quiet! Dark Rock 3 cooler (which is 160mm tall). Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Such a nice phone. I've had the HTC One M7 for almost a year now, and I love it as much as the day I got it; the M8 seems to have fixed every little gripe I had with the M7.
  9. Absolutely beautiful. Great work.
  10. This is awesome! I'd love to get my hands on that Droid DNA
  11. All right, thanks, guys :) I'll try and see if I can get an RMA, but if not, I'll just have to save up for a new one.
  12. I have a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard, and the other day I spilled a glass of juice into it. I immediately turned it upside down and unplugged it, and cleaned it out. After letting it dry for several days, I plugged it back in, and most of the keys work except for the "e" and "0" keys, which detect that I am also holding down the "5" key. Is there anything I can do to fix it, or is it just broken?
  13. This was my favorite part of any LinusTechTips livestream http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3Bxa9eBUOY
  14. The games I play are games like Killing Floor, Battlefield 3, TF2, and the like. The music I listen to is mainly alternative/rock with some metal and electronic mixed in. Bass is not extremely important to me, but I would like something with decent bass, so on a scale of 1-10, maybe a 6. And I plan on mostly using them in a quiet room.