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    i5 6600K
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    16Gb kingston hyperx fury
  • GPU
    GTX 760
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    Bitfenix Ghost
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    samsung 840 250gb
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    wpm 600
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    Be Quiet dark rock pro 3
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    Razer Blackwidow
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    Razer Taipan
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hello, I have a dual monitor setup (both 1080p screens) directly connected to a GTX1070 FE, my cpu is an i5 6600K. When I am watching youtube videos on both screens at the same time, so 2 video's at once, they both stutter and have visual artifacts. Also, when playing a fullscreen/borderless game on my 1st monitor, and I have just a browser game/video playing on my second monitor, then the game on my 1st monitor also laggs badly... Is there any solution to this problem? Thanks ahead! Axel P.
  2. No idea since the only recent things are the GTX1070 and case
  3. A Simple Cube Specifications I5 - 6600K GTX 1070 FE 16GB HYPERX DDR4 Z170X-UD3 CORSAIR AIR 540 850 EVO 250GB BARRACUDA 2TB Future plans Chances are that it will become fully watercooled, since I am obsessed by the beauty of a full EK loop. I am not yet a 100% sure because I simply don't need it. Clean up the hard drives at the bottom. Overclocks and benchmark scores I5-6600K @ 4.4Ghz Cinebench R15 - 729 GTX 1070 FE @ +136Mhz GPU CLOCK | +201Mhz MEM CLOCK | 102% POWER TARGET | 84°C TEMP TARGET 3Dmark FireStrike - 13818 | GPU SCORE - 17918
  4. Whatever I try, I can't get it above 4.6Ghz, but it is still a major step-up from my previous FX-6100!
  5. The modem is just a case with a special wire from the street running into it, outputting a single ethernet cable to the central switch/wifi combo (sorry that I was unclear)
  6. Hello, I have a couple questions/problems regarding this network. Computer 1, the NAS and network printer can connect with eachoter and I can see the printer and NAS in the network layout tab without a problem, but I can't see computer 2 and 3 because they are on a different switch, they both have a good connection so it shouldn't be a problem. Computer 2 is connected via ethernet and computer 3 is directly connect via WIFI to the modem, what do I need to do to get them all on the same 'network layout'? All the computers need acces to the NAS wich is upstairs connected to the switch/wifi combo, how do I get that to work? I also need a regular (automatic) backup of a folder inside Computer 3, its a 'synology air' type of NAS so it has the in-browser OS, I found a couple tutorials but has anyone experience with it? Thanks ahead!
  7. Hi all , I want to buy the GTX970 strix but I have an FX6100 The reason I'd be buying this card is to play bf4 on ultra while having a good framerate... Currently I have a gtx760 that always tops out when playing but wont the gtx970 be bottlenecked by my cpu? would it be wiser to buy an 4690k?
  8. But I have a shield tablet so then I have a gtx760 and an r9 290x?
  9. Hi everyone, I want to upgrade my current rig for the upcomming game "far cry 4" , I have a budget of 380$ , what will I benefit more from in games like farcry? I have a 144hz panel so I want the most fps possible Current rig : FX-6100 @ 4.3Ghz GTX760 Gaming by MSI 8Gb ram couple ssd's and hdd's + 600watt power suply I was looking at buying a 4690K and a descend OC motherboard since I have a descend watercooler but I dont know or that will boost my fps and quallity that much.
  10. My favorite part must be the fans , I personaly use them , they are really good and I think they are underrated Greets from belgium
  11. This deal is 400$ off , wich is allot. http://www.alternate.be/Samsung/50-4K-Ultra-HD-LED-TV-UE50HU6900/html/product/1131269 4K , 200hz , 50"
  12. Intel reported that 1 out of 10 people or 711 Million people are pc gamers. #Pc masterrace source : http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/09/12/there-are-711-million-pc-gamers-in-the-world-today-says-intel/