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  1. Thanks, it's been really hectic at work so I haven't had much time for PC building as for the final photos, they're on the way
  2. I considered it, but I really don't want to have to drain my loop for a little while... (the block was released just as I was finishing my loop) not that the SSD needs cooling... I might get one later thanks The midplate was made using a 2mm alu plate and a 3mm white plexi plate (actually one 2mm and a 1mm glued togheter) both were laser cut at a local workshop. I can get the dimensions if you want, but they're not exact as I had to file some down to get it to fit
  3. Case put back together almost ready to fill her up Working into the night started filling Side panel all done (finger print magnet)
  4. case striped down and the panels sent for painting (excuse the mess) 420 rad back from painting small tease
  5. Painting the plate Finally got the waterblocks and backplates seems like they have had problems getting them in stock since the launch of the 980ti (EK using titan x blocks for 980ti) I don't like that EK chose to go this route, the TITAN X engraving bothers me more than it should... :wacko: soon I can paint the case I carbon fiber wraped the MOBO plate I made, still need to make the wires for 2 GPUs and finish the midplate Still lots of work left.. but it sure is funn
  6. I like the name, Loki was into some weird shit :wacko: I've already planned a project called Fenrir myself which I will start on as soon as I'm done with Sleipnir Looking forward to see some pictures from your build
  7. Valknut plate just needs painting now
  8. Just a small update on my progress with the mobo plate I still need to make a couple more cutouts for cables Marked up the screw holes and where the 24pin needs to go through drilling the holes Rough cutout The rubber grommet still fitts perfectly
  9. From this: To this: Still a lot to be done.
  10. I'm going with ''Valknut'' for the 5 1/4 bay plate (plate dimension is wrong) I've also startet working on a motherboard-tray cover plate, which should be done early next week
  11. I'm expecting ~50c under load, and the heat won't transfer much to the surrounding air as heat is transfered and dissipated elswhere
  12. it will be watercooled so I'm not woried
  13. got something in my mail I think my mobo is officially full...
  14. seems like EK won't release a 980 ti water block since it's the same as the TITAN X, this is going to drive my OCD crazy... :wacko: Think I'm going to use nickel & acrylic blocks and nickel plated backplates, should go better with the grey colour scheme.