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  1. sortof, that only removed the folders from the main windows explorer section and not the navigation pane
  2. i know thats why i came here, i did a quick search but it wasnt showing me exactually what i wanted. i asked here to see if anyone knew how to do it
  3. if the program can do it then it means that i can be done manually aswell
  4. the program winaero tweaker does what i want but i would rather do it manually without the program
  5. you cant, you can remove the ones in quick access but these ones you cant
  6. can anyone help me remove these icons just from here, i know there is a program to do that but i would prefer to myself in regedit
  7. would setting the vr2800 as the dhcp server make all the devices show up on the vr2800. i would prefer it that way if i could but if i cant, thats okay. all devices other than the 2 server computers i have is connected to the vr2800. just the servers are connected to the vr600
  8. also i am having one other issue, in the network tab in windows explorer, i can see all the normaly devices i usually see except other computers on the network. but when i go onto any other computer i see all the other normal devices i see and i also see the other computers on the network
  9. also the device that i log into the vr2800's portal on shows up on both routers. i dont mind if all the devices show up on both but i alteast want them to show on the vr2800, and also have it show that there actually is an internet connection going to it, but its not critical if we cant do that
  10. sorry its taken so long to reply, i havent had time to play with the router settings since there are normally people home. i have done what you said by turning off dchp and changing the ipaddress to one above the router, and changed the cable to the lan port instead of the wan port. its all working at the moment but all my wifi devices connected to the vr2800 are showing up on the vr600 in the wired devices section. they only show up on the vr2800 after i log into the vr2800 from the device and im not sure exactually how to set up a static ip in the same subnet. also on the vr2800 it says there is no internet but its still working.
  11. hi, sorry it took so long to get back to you. i have attached a network map to better explain it. the printer will be the only device connected to the vr600's wifi and essentially be tured off except for the printer. all other wifi devices will be connected to the vr2800. i want the vr600 to act as a modem but also share the servers over the network, becasue atm the only way i can connect to the is if i connect directly to the vr600 and cannot see it in network explorer from the vr2800. i pretty much want it all to act as one network like it would if i only had one router but have the vr2800 as the main access point. the vr2800 has the cable currently going into the wan port should i change that to just a lan port. also i dont know how to disable NAT there is no button for just NAT theres alot of differnt things listed under that NAT tab.
  12. hoprfully i explain this properly but here goes so ive just moved into a new house (im in australia btw if that helps) and the internet from the road comes into the house in the garage and theres a second port in there aswell that goes to the kitchen. so i have one router in the garage (tplink archer vr600) taking in the fttn connection, and ive also got a server plugged directly into that router. and then ive got the other router (tplink archer vr2800) in the kitchen currently in bridge mode. ive currently got the router in the kitchen having all the devices connected to it but my problem is that i cannot access network shares etc from the server thats connected to the router in the garage. so i guess what im wanting is the have the router in the garage to act as just a modem but also share the network ports with the router in the kitchen. please let me know if you need more details or a network map or whatever
  13. do you know if they are still making the older version? since i cannot find it at any of my local stores websites
  14. so im thinking of building a new pc and while i was looking at motherboards i quiet liked the ASUS Prime Z370 A, mainly becasue it was cheap. but when i look at my local online stores all i can find is the Asus Prime Z370 A II, so i am wanting to know what the difference is between the new version and the old one, and if there is anywhere i can still get the original version as the new one is almost double the price
  15. so i have 2 old desktops one is running freenas and the other is just a windows one. the freenas machine is in a bigger box and i am in a situation where i want to move it into the windows box. they are old dell optiplex desktops so i cannon change out the motherboards. so pretty much i want to move my drives over to the smaller box, can i just move everything and just boot from the usb again or do i have to go through the whole setup process again. please help
  16. i tried that and couldnt find anything, there was a setting to change to onboard but it said it overides when pcie card is inserted. is there any other way?
  17. what setting do i have to change?
  18. its a dell optilex 960 and i tried to put a wifi pcie card in and it worked but i just couldnt use that and the displayport at the same time
  19. im in au so prices are like double anyway
  20. already tried that, since im using displayport i cant use the pci slot at the same time, am i am wanting to get a wifi usb dongle, i jost dont have enough at the moment
  21. okay, at the moment i have my tablet picking up the main wifi then spiting it out to my computer throught the cable