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  1. i like that one, do you know of any others? possible a little cheaper
  2. so im thinking of building a pc soon and the case that i liked was the cooler master q500l but apon talking to some people and reviews i have heard that it is just not good for airflow and i wanna try look for another case but i reall like the smallness of the q500l with it only being as tall as the atx motherboard. so my question is does anyone have any recommendations on similar cases to that one but are not that one
  3. no it does but i want to be able to start it and see the console without remoteing into that computer with rdp and have it look like its running on my computer. also i have someone else in my house who i want to let start and stop it without letting them access to my server, well the remote desktop side
  4. running windows on both machines, i would use freenas but if i ever want to use those hard drives on another computer i cant coz they're zfs, and i also rip blurays on there too and i dont think freenas has a plugin for that
  5. i have a minecraft server that i run sometimes from my server and i have to remote desktop into that computer then look at the console that way. is there a way to start the minecraft server from my computer but still having it run on my server and have the console show up like it would on the server but on my computer? i tried rcon but that doesnt let me start the file or see the console, i have seen about psexec but i dont know how to set it up or get it to work.
  6. sortof, that only removed the folders from the main windows explorer section and not the navigation pane
  7. i know thats why i came here, i did a quick search but it wasnt showing me exactually what i wanted. i asked here to see if anyone knew how to do it
  8. if the program can do it then it means that i can be done manually aswell
  9. the program winaero tweaker does what i want but i would rather do it manually without the program
  10. you cant, you can remove the ones in quick access but these ones you cant
  11. can anyone help me remove these icons just from here, i know there is a program to do that but i would prefer to myself in regedit
  12. would setting the vr2800 as the dhcp server make all the devices show up on the vr2800. i would prefer it that way if i could but if i cant, thats okay. all devices other than the 2 server computers i have is connected to the vr2800. just the servers are connected to the vr600
  13. also i am having one other issue, in the network tab in windows explorer, i can see all the normaly devices i usually see except other computers on the network. but when i go onto any other computer i see all the other normal devices i see and i also see the other computers on the network