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  1. Just put a 980ti into a friends system, told him to wait. Now he's going to pay XD.
  2. Oh boy... Let's say a generous 40% of the 10,000 going/maybe voters show up, that's still 490 people. That's going to be one insane party with one insane video. http://strawpoll.me/5252973/r
  3. After watching the latest video, FinalMouse 2015 Summer Edition, I genuinely think Edzel should make more videos like this. Then I looked at the dislike to like ratio and I was shocked. What the f*** YouTube, these comments too... I didn't like this video. I don't like his attempt to copy Linus. get your own personality Is this video a joke? If not, why is he talking like a clown? Who is this silly turbonerd? Did not enjoy this video, won't be watching the others by this guy, and I've been waiting for this video. Sighs... Who the f*** is this d***head? Where's Linus? I can't believe people... No appreciation, no understanding, just completely rude people. So everyone fill this thread with love and appreciation.
  4. Still unable to post :(

  5. It's ironic that my last post on this forum is 1,500

  6. Depends, What CPU do you have? What resolution are the screens? What detail level are you looking for? Overclocking? EDIT: What @SAV1OUR said
  7. "Shut up asshole, shut up asshole, shut up asshole" great joining.
  8. I just hit OC Genie, 4.0GHz OC at 1.101v, stress test incoming.
  9. Can you hold my hand? I don't want this to be an all night excursion, I'm only looking for maybe a 3.8-4.0GHz OC.
  10. ... On a NH-L9i Noctua cooler I've never actually overclocked a CPU before, so if anyone can suggest some videos or just wants to help me hands on, that'd be great.
  11. go into BIOS and make sure the HDD is first on the list of bootable devices.
  12. Look at my last post before this, they should be designated on the motherboard with these numbers, happy connecting.
  13. Umm, not a problem. I hope it works, my knowledge is all theory, I haven't actually done any RAID configurations. EDIT: Moosie confirmed my suggestion. So Port 0: RAID SSD 1 Port 1: RAID SSD 2 Port 2: NONE Port 3: NONE Port 4: NONE Port 5: NONE Port 6: HDD Port 7: OS X SSD