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    AMD FX Black 6300
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    MSI X99
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    16GB HyperX
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    MSI Radeon 290X 4GB GDDR5
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    256 LiteOn SSD and 1TB WD HDD
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    1200W 80+ Gold
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    32' TV cause I'm Blind
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    Couple of fans and a Cooler Master Single Rad For the CPU
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    DAMN Mechanical
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    DAMN 7D
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    Dell Surround Sound for Media Production
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    Windows 10 (Regretting that upgrade)

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  1. Ryzen 5 3600 (not OCd) Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super (not OCd) g skill ripjaws 3600mhz 19-20-20-40 1.35v MSI X570-A Pro mobo Evga 600 BQ 80 plus bronze PSU Kingston 280gb ssd 4x Segate 2TB HDDs okay, so i was testing my system gpu in heaven on extreme and everything worked no problem 200+ fps no biggie. Then I go to play rainbow on max settings and it force reboots my pc, so then i dropped the settings to high and get the same issue, but this time all of what seems to be black/ dark areas of the screen have a smattering of red pixels mixed in. it seemed to be the only game it was happening in, i also tested Yakuza Kiwiami, fallout (3, NV, and 4), and Warriors orochi 4 all at max settings and had no issues. then the pc started to randomly reboot, i made sure all my drivers were updated, and the mobo is a x570, so i wasnt sure of its BIOS. i went to play fallout 4 on max settings again and it rebooted my pc about 5 mins into playing it, so now im stumped. In heaven i got 200+ fps and didnt go above 63C on the gpu during the benchmark in extreme.
  2. okay, so what if i wanted to go with a 1660/50 super or an rx580? which would be a better choice?
  3. So, I need some help, my current PC is more than 5 years old and I really need an upgrade. Community help would do me a lot better than what I could on my own, I keep up with LTT, but the issue is that there's so many variations of similar tech that I simply cant figure out what I need to buy. To start I'm going to put my current "build" so you can have an idea of what I'm working with now. Mobo: MSI 970 gaming (AMD) CPU: AMD FX 6300 3.5ghz 3 core 6 threads RAM: 16gb 4x4 kit of 1300mhz DDR3 GPU: MSI 290X Storage: 240gb LITEON SSD, and multiple of 2TB HDDs So here's the issue, it runs like a potato on wheels, but even worse, its stuck at 1.4ghz on the cpu for reasons i cant figure out, oh and my pump for the cpu cooler died so I cant turn the system on for more than 5 mins without it overheating and shutting down. Needless to day, i need a new system. What im looking for: 1080p 60fps high/max settings for playback and games, no RTX, nothing too extreme because I'm just fine with 1080p and lots of frames don't matter to me because most of the games I play are single player RPGs. Storage is quite important too, I need a small but fast boot drive, like an m.2, but also plenty of sata lanes for more hdds, i have all the hdds ill ever need (about 2PB total of blank storage) but im a data hoarder. Oh and RGB isn't my thing, if a part comes with it i don't mind, but if it's considered and "upgrade" from its standard model, i don't need it. What I Do with my PC: Just about everything, consume videos, music and games. On top of that I do 2d graphic design and light video editing using the adobe suite of software, usually nothing over 1080p and almost never any vfx. Periphrials: I use 2 1080p 60hz monitors, one as a main display and the other as a side task/research display. need new mouse and keyboard, preferably wireless rechargeable, I'm not some pro gamer or anything, less wires the better. Suggestions for a well ventilated case that includes filters would be appreciated. Location: Smack dab in the middle of the US, flat land and high winds in a dry environment it the perfect combo for DUST, and also i own pets so the air isn't just good ol air for electronics. Budget: okay finally the numbers, id like to spend no more than $800 USD on my system but if i have to i can stretch to 1,000 USD, if you could swing lower and achieve the same or similar performance to what I'm requesting, that would be great. Thanks to all who leave feedback on this post.
  4. Hello all, I'm having some serious novice issues when it comes to networking in-home. So the issue I'm having is that I have an HDD that I have set to share its files among my home network, but even after setting all the computers in my house to "share files on network" with full access, most of the time, the computers just don't show up in the network, and even if they do, the files/folders/HDDs I have set to share don't show up. I was able to transfer 1 file (by random chance it feels) but the transfer speeds were horrible (1-3megabytes/sec) and given that the file being transferred was roughly 25gb and the computer it was transferred to was using wireless, I still couldn't imagine why it's so bad. the idea is that id like the network I want set up, at least at the moment, is to be able to stream media off of it, movies and music, and transfer files between computers in a relatively reasonable time. thank you to anyone who helps in advance.
  5. So I think it has to be main board issue, cause I can't have the screen on so that I can test other inputs, I checked the TV and it's a 4 y/o model. It's very likely the min board dies, hopefully I can find a replacement or a compatible board. Thanks, I'll do some searching for a replacement because it'd be cheaper than buying a new TV.
  6. It was not brand new, I just received it used, sorry I didn't make that clear before. I plugged in the HDMI, the screen came on the default blue screen saying "no signal". if I plug it in now with nothing attached the screen flashes for about a millisecond then shuts off. note that if I unplug the tv and plug it back in, the red power light comes on but after trying to turn on the tv it fades out after the screen flashes. and if I hit the power button again to "turn off" the tv the red light comes back on as if it is on standby, seems to be something to do with the screen itself or the control board, but is not sure.
  7. so I literally picked up a tv today and got home to plug it in and made sure it worked and it did, but as soon as I plugged in an HDMI cable from my laptop the screen would not power on.so I unplugged the HDMI and tried to turn the tv on again but no luck, then unplugged the tv and back in and also no luck, then I plugged the HDMI in and plugged in the tv and went into my display setting on my laptop and the tv showed up, but it wasn't on and if I unplugged the tv it dropped from the laptop. and now I'm here cause I can't figure it out. the tv in question is an RCA 55" Model No.: LED55R120Q Serial No.:3527-LE55C55-N104234.
  8. So I want to build a new system, but I don't know where to start. My budget it looking like somewhere between $1,500-$2,000. I don't care what side of the bench you're on, I just need Halp. I've had my system for about 3-4 years now and i haven't really kept up with modern hardware configs. I'm looking for this system to be an all-in-one; for video editing (standard not after effects), Gaming, and everything in between best performance machine. My current system consists of mainly AMD and MSI components, but that was more because i was looking to save money, as long as everything falls in the $1.5k-2k range i dont mind who its from, as long as its all compatible. Note: I am fully capable of building the system, just needing a good parts, id prefer not to pay a crazy premium on a pre-built computer.
  9. well yeah, and there are plenty of editors on this site.
  10. Sounds good! See I learned something new
  11. Ill Definitely have a look at Ableton my brother is an music artist and it would be nice to have a better program to make music.
  12. So what would you say would be a good program for a beginner in music making?
  13. I might have to check out Magix, I only have Studio One for music making, but I'm awful with it haha thanks!
  14. so I've never heard of Acid or Magix. How are they different?