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  1. The gaming mode sounded quite promising but from what I can tell it will only work when a game it played, it doesn't have an ordinary switch. I'll check the background apps though, thanks! I did and it helped
  2. Hey guys! I am trying to optimize my battery life and having a bit of a problem... about a year ago Linus did a video about laptop battery life and talked about how Power saving is capping the cpu and battery saving disables background softwares notifications, but since then windows has changed with updates and I don't think they are separated anymore. When I set my laptop to battery saver through the slider in the bottom of the screen or power consumption options it caps my cpu(although in the explanation Windows provides it says it will only disable background activity). Is there a way to disable all the background software and notifications so they won't take battery but not cap the cpu? Thanks! (btw, I checked the cpu using a benchmark, about 10-20% difference)
  3. It has a digitizer and the pen is included in the box, can't tell much about the experience because I have nothing to compare it to. To me it felt good while I used it, nothing too special, it's a pen
  4. Yaa I get that a lot haha, you took "Ask me anything" quite Maybe I have some psychotic relatives from Rook Islands which connect us There are already far better reviews than what I can write, I just wanted to answer specific questions if anybody has any for example: both USB C ports have 4 PCIE lanes, the RAM is soldered but comes in 2 modules.
  5. Hey Guys, I Just Got The New Yoga, With I5 And An HD Screen, Ask Me Anything You'd Like And I'll Try My Best To Answer!
  6. Yaa you are right, my bad! I will be using a laptop at the University and a PC at home, I'd rather it also have an Android app so I can read the notes on the go as well
  7. Hey guys! Starting to study in a university next week, I plan on using the cornell method for note taking and wanted to ask: In your opinion what is the best software to use for that purpose? I will be using a laptop at the University and a PC at home, I'd rather it also have an Android app so I can read the notes on the go as well
  8. I mean besides battery life, what other trade-offs are there? Is scaling working properly now? Are most softwares adjusted already?
  9. I am not going to study something color related(Biology&Psychology) but having a high quality screen is really important to me, also If i'd get a 4k screen I'll get something the Hp Spectre X360 or the Yoga 920 which will still get me about 8 hours of battery life, I am debating whether 4K is worth it or not since I have no experience with it
  10. Hey guys, I am starting to study in 2 month and am debating over a few things. How is 4k on a 14-15 inch laptop? I heard some thing about scaling and stuff but I'd like a clear answer from someone with experience (Especially the yoga 910 4K option) To people with 13" ultrabooks: are you happy with your decision? would you rather have a heavier 15" laptop? And the opposite to people with 15", would you rather have a lighter laptop to lug around? Thanks!
  11. They have 4 configs available on their site including pricing for each. It starts around 1000 dollars and goes up to 1500 I believe. There aren't good quality review about it just yet so that's a bummer, strange that it's taking this long. It has a FHD screen\4k one, the screen is probably not as good as the xps 15, an all aluminium build, it has a TB3 port with 2 PCIE lanes, the trackpad is reported as quite good by the guys who did review it, there is some info on reddit r/Laptops and r/Lenovo by people who did buy it already, I suggest you go there a read a bit
  12. The storage is easily upgradeable far as I know, one stick of ram is soldered and there is another slot for you to add a second stick
  13. Oh OK, thanks! can't see myself plugging it into 2 4K screens\eGPU's anytime soon so It's a none-issue for me. BTW, how is it different from thunderbolt 2 if it is capable of only 20 GB\S? is the USB-C connector that cause for it? Didn't think much about that uses, I am looking to buy it and wanted to know what it changes
  14. What is the impact of having only 2 PCIE lanes? What does it change except having poor performance(Or being incapable at all) with external GPUs? Thanks guys!
  15. Say I want to have sleep mode, is there a way to fix this?