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  1. that massdrop already ended...
  2. There was apparently an internet outage in Langley, not much you can do.
  3. The most important part of the scientific method that you have missed, is Do Background Research. Ask questions like, Has this been done before? Can BAD THINGS HAPPEN? Am I prepared to face the consequences of those bad things? The theory that supported the large hadron collider destroying the world was reviewed, and some scientists said to themselves, "We will carry on despite this." In the face of uncertainty, you did not march forward to illuminate the darkness. You have blundered through it, learning nothing, and will only serve a warning to others by the odour of your electrically sizzled corpse.
  4. Everyone should have an SSD because things get dropped, PCs live under desks and get kicked. There is no reason that we need to rely on moving parts that can buckle and bend, we've moved past that. For me, I covet those increasing numbers that we all covet.
  5. Well JurunceNK there are legitimate reasons that niche forums are going to be polarised, I know that I'm an AMD fanboy, but that is specifically because of Nvidias seemingly anticompetitive practices in the past. The recent past. http://www.cinemablend.com/games/NVIDIA-Sabotaged-Our-Hardware-Performance-Witcher-3-AMD-Says-72041.html Of course, this is only claims from AMD, so maybe we need a more neutral source, like this video Even if they aren't doing anything illegal, the strategies they are using hurt PC gamers by fragmenting software support, which slows down advancements in graphics, which means the only way better graphics can be achieved is by buying newer, more expensive video cards every few years. That sucks, and I'm not giving my money to someone that plays ball that way.
  6. I have a bunch of these frames in But I can't find an RKO i can paste them over!
  7. After my g9x bit the dust I've been looking for a solid new mouse. The repair kit is currently in transit from China, but economy shipping is taking over a month and there's no guarantee the new cable will work at all. The extra buttons and nicer sensor definitely make the Kova more attractive, I love my macros but I'm not Taran. The Kira would be a huge improvement over my current RGB mouse that just flashes random colors when it has power. Look at this thing, its awful.
  8. Linus and Luke outed as Nazi apologists? https://soundcloud.com/bane-killgrind/extremely-evasive-lmg