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  1. Hello, I am currently trying to fix the webcam and touchscreen on a Lenovo Yoga 910. I receive webcam error "0xA00F4244 <NoCamerasAreAttached>, and the touchscreen simply does not work at all. I had tried uninstalling and reinstalling the camera app and updating drivers through their site. Afterwards when trying to check for the drivers in device manager, I realized that the camera was simply not recognized at all (even when hidden was shown). I then downloaded the Lenovo diagnostics tool and saw that both the touchscreen and camera were not recognized by the device at all. It is as if they are not plugged in. Originally, I believed the touchscreen and camera were different issued but this lead me to believe otherwise. I contacted Lenovo and was told it is a hardware problem, but due to the pandemic they are only accepting emergency items. I also tried resetting the system last night and still there is no luck. However, I am not entirely sure if this was a true factory reset as I don't have OneKey Recovery and some settings were still the same (I believe these settings can be pulled from Microsoft ID though, I don't have a lot of experience with this). I found other posts on Reddit and Lenovo forums stating the identical problem without any useful responses. This also makes it hard for me to believe it is a hardware problem. If others are having the identical issue of both the webcam and touchscreen simultaneously not being recognized by the device, isn't it more likely software?. Unless these two parts are just prone to break in conjunction? I also feel like if it was broken hardware the machine would still recognize them. Should I this thing apart and look for loose wires? Does anyone have any advice or guidance? Or can confidently say "yeah, you're wrong and are misunderstanding it's absolutely a hardware problem". Honestly, any clarification would help at this point. Thank you
  2. Fair enough. I'd like a quad core i7 (i5 if the price is right), thunderbolt 3 with 4 lanes for potential egpu, and 16gb ram for $1500 or less. Preferably 13" but 15" max. SSD size is kind of irrelevant for me but I'd obviously prefer to be able to swap it out if need be.
  3. Hi everyone, I am a student and recently dropped my laptop. Luckily it still works so I can get through finals but I will need a new one certainly by the start of next semester in late August. I am highly interested in the quad core Razer Blade Stealth. However, I am wondering if I should buy it now to use over the summer (for the mild amount of work I have to do) or wait to see if theres a new model by the start of next semestsr. TLDR: Do you think we can expect a new Razer Blade Stealth model by this August? What can be different? I know its an odd question since the quad cores just came out but any input would be appreciative. Thanks
  4. I use to have a pair of SteelSeries H Wireless. However, like many I experienced horrible hissing/static in the left ear cup and had to return them. I recently picked up a pair of Logitech G933 and am experiencing the same thing in both ears to a much lesser degree (Thankfully in the G933s it is actually bearable). In both cases the noise is particularly prevalent when the volume is up all the way but nothing is playing from the computer (I understand this is not a common scenario). Seeing as similar problems occurred on both of the wireless headphones I owned I was wondering if this is simply a known problem with the technology or if I am just unlucky. Is there a way to fix it? I never had this problem with standard wired headsets in the past.
  5. Thanks guys, I may try to swap out the psu and see where that gets me. Currently I'm using a CX 750M from when I originally built the computer and never upgraded. Possibly shooting myself in the foot now for it.
  6. Hello, I was running an XFX R9 280x. The card use to buzz loudly at random times during any games and bench marks, most peculiar it would buzz when I mouse over a card in Hearthstone and stop immediately when I moused away from it. I didn't think much of the buzzing at the time as I did overclock it and just assumed it was a weird problem with the drivers or something. I upgraded to a PNY reference 980 ti today (not because of the buzzing, I just wanted a ti), and the buzzing began during cinebench bench marking, and during Hearthstone, the same way with mousing over cards. So now I have to ask, is video card like this buzzing normal? Could something else be causing this such as my PSU or motherboard? Thanks
  7. Thank you for your help guys, I turned off the netplwiz prior to making the post. However, when I clicked apply and the password thing popped up i just hit okay without entering a password. I thought it was asking what I wanted the password to be... not what the current password is (Didn't really think that one through).
  8. Does anyone know how I remove the lock screen on Windows 10 start up? Or in other words, boot the computer directly into your desktop and not have a password on your computer? I kind of think it defeats the purpose of an SSD if I don't boot directly to my desktop (I know many would disagree). I know how to do this on Windows 8.1, you simply right click Task Bar ->Properties ->Navigation and check the option to boot to desktop. Now with Windows 10 the only option I seem to have in Navigation is "Replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell in the menu when I right-click the lower-left corner of the press WIndows key +X". I also tried disabling the lockscreen through command prompts which work either, plus I'd rather not be messing around with that stuff with a new OS. Is this option really left out?
  9. Vessel Username: hadmeatpetrello Video 1: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy Video 2: https://www.vessel.com/videos/HDN7G5UMs
  10. I have recently purchased a stock Asus Z97-AR and have yet to put it into my computer yet. Currently I am using an MSI B85-G41 PC Mate with an Asus Xonar DS Sound Card. I was just wondering if It was still worth using my sound card or if the stock sound on the Z97-AR will be better. I am in no way an audiophile, to be honest I mainly purchased the Xonar to have an optical port to use with my Astro mixamp. Thanks