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  1. 10 hours ago, EdInk said:

    I guess it could be. Did reseating the block include rotating it? I've seen some test where it did make a difference.  http://thermalbench.com/2016/02/11/ek-predator-240mm-aio-cpu-cooler/5/


    Page 4, the placement is called 'goofy'. Haha!



    Ugh, I really don't want to have to re-bend more lines just to test...  haha  Really thinking I should have done soft lines.


    @EK Luc do you have any insight to any of this?

  2. 24 minutes ago, Treij512 said:

    Im sitting here looking at all the information you've supplied and , for the life of me, I can figure anything out. The temps are highly out of wack imo. My 4790k @ similar OC doesnt run that high with my ek predator 240.  only thing i can think of is reseating the cpu block thermal paste and if needed go back to stock speed to test as well.  Additionally is there any change in cpu temps with max fan speed? 

    Done everything. Reseated the block, tightened down the pins holding the block and the pins on the motherboard, tried 3 different methods of applying thermal paste, low fans, high fans, low pump, high pump, RODI water, Mayhems Aurora...... All the results are identical.


    The only thing I can think of is it being the heat spreader and the junk TIM under it from Intel. Maybe 3 years of daily use on a substantial overclock have done it in? It's about the only thing I haven't changed.

  3. 5 hours ago, EdInk said:

    Possibly the liquid then as per Mayhem


    Mayhems Aurora is a totally different kind of specialist coolant and should not be used for normal every day use. Consideration about your loop lay out is a must before proceeding to use this liquid. Mayhems Aurora is a photographic, demonstration, Modding and looks only liquid and is not recommended for long term use.


    Mayhems Aurora works best in duel pass rads and tube reservoirs. The more complex the loop the less time the liquid will work. Many uses do use the liquid for long term and the most we have tested it use for is 1 year. How ever in complex loops were people have totally ignored our warnings it might only last 24 hours or so.


    I'd suggest switching to their pastel (which i've used for about a year now) ans see how you fare


    Well damn. I ordered Aurora 2, as I was told it's safe to run daily (at least moreso than the original) but you're not the first to say that the Aurora was a dumb choice. Coolant was definitely an afterthought for me. Just my luck that the one thing I don't research about this loop is the thing that blows up in my face.


    Posting screenshots of my testing anyway. 


    The first picture is when I just got home from work. Cold room, definitely cooler than normal air.


    Second test is about 5 minutes ago after watching a few YouTube videos, some light gaming and whatnot. See what I mean about INSTANT spiking to 70+? The graph is set to update every 3 seconds for CPU and temps.

    first test cold.png

    second mid test.png

    second done.png

  4. 5 minutes ago, GhostHitWall said:

    so does the spike means that it jumps to 70c then back down or just sitting at that temp?
    Since the previous cooler didn't perform this way, the chance is that the block and CPU IHS aren't contacting well.

    Before you disassemble the loop, try change your D5 speed to increase your flowrate.  If increasing flowrate doesn't give you any change in temp, I would tear the whole loop down to inspect.

    delidding isn't magical, I remember reading a report on anandTech  saying the IHS of Devil's Canyon is too thin so contact between die isn't ideal.  Not sure if it's the same story to Haswell.

    Jumps to 70 and stays there. The instant I stop the test, it drops down to 23 again. 


    I've played with the pump running it at max and 3300RPM and less, nothing made a difference in cooling. Leaving it at 3300RPM now since it's the quietest with good flow.

  5. So I have a question. I've got a 4670K Overclocked to 4.7ghz at 1.3 vcore.


    I just setup a custom watercooling loop - EKWB EVO block (with EK's recommended 1150 plate and jet) and I have a 140mm hardware labs black ice radiator, and a 280mm rad of the same. So PLENTY of cooling. D5 pump/res combo.


    Now for my question - When I start AIDA my temp explodes from 23 idle to 70 under load. (FPU only - maximum heat generation) I don't have any data to confirm this, but my old Corsair H90 didn't make it spike like that that I can remember. Is the heatspreader lid THAT shitty on these? Is delidding worth it? 

  6. On 2/2/2016 at 0:43 PM, Nacho Marco Segui said:

    Status update AF


    On 2/2/2016 at 0:38 PM, Bob Jim said:

    'update status'


    Status update: COMPLETE - SHIPPED. My excitement builds.


    Planning on putting the 280 in the front pulling in, and the 140 in the back where the AIO currently is. 


    Still not sure what coolant to go with...  Gonna be getting rid of the HDD cages, the two fans on the bottom, and obviously the AIO cooler. 





  7. Today, I ordered the start of my water cooling setup. 


    EK XRES 140 Revo D5 Vario pump/res combo

    EK Supremacy EVO Nickel-plated block

    Black Ice Nemesis 140 and 280 radiators

    Plenty of EK HDC fittings and Bitspower PETG 12mm tubing

    All the other misc stuff to stuff this in my R5. Still haven't decided on a coolant yet. Just going distilled and PTNuke until I decide.


    Yeah, it's going to be CPU only for now, and I know this is overkill, but I'll really be able to push my overclock! haha 


    Ordered it all from Performance-PCs this afternoon and I can't wait to get it, and couldn't wait to share.

  8. I'd skip both of those. Much better fans out there than these.


    I have the Corsairs--I got a 2-pack for $20 shipped on Amazon. They're alright, but definitely not as good as I'd like. At 50% or lower, they're decently quiet. Anywhere above that and they're definitely noisy.


    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA85V36V6187  A friend ran these and was pretty happy.


    I'd just ditch the LED fans, and put LED accent lights if you really need the red lighting. It's pretty difficult to get actually good fans that light up pretty colors.