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Posts posted by shibbs

  1. 12 minutes ago, SeanAngelo said:

    cherry mx green? dafuq o.O


    4 minutes ago, Riki the Legendary Heropon said:

    According to what I've seen they're basically Cherry MX Blues with more resistance

    Yup. And yes, they're a bit more rare, hence my dilemma finding a keyboard.

  2. I'm going to sound pessimistic on this, and cruel, but if you're stupid enough to install it, you're stuck with it. 


    Modern browsers will filter out 98% of this kinda crap. Antivirus will get the rest. Even Windows's built-in shit will protect you. 


    And then if you're stupid enough to dial a number on a popup.... hahahaha You deserve to get what you got.


  3. As the title states, I want one more keyboard.

    It has to have:


    Cherry MX Greens

    Aluminum case

    N-key rollover


    Lights not necessary, but fun. I see the Infinity keyboard on Massdrop, but it's not available pre-assembled with MX Greens. It's a possibility (I'm not horrible at soldering) but I'd prefer something with a warranty, even though I've never needed to warranty a keyboard. 


    If you've got any ideas, I'd appreciate it!  Thanks!!


  4. If you're thinking of putting the 240 rad in the front, you're definitely not going to be able to keep your HDD cages. 

    Source: have an R5. I put a 280mm in the front as intake, and a 140 in the back as exhaust. Nothing in the top as I put things on the top of my case. No room for HDD cages.




    edit: wow, I really hate how the flash makes my motherboard look brown. lol

  5. 13 minutes ago, RafaelSoaresP said:

    I`m getting similar scenario on my air cooled 4770k (4.5ghz 1.3v)

    As soon as I start the stress test, it jumps to 80 - 90 C, and imediatelly as i stop the test, it goes back to 50C



    Hm. I think tonight I'll play with the overclock and see how much better/worse it gets if I play with the voltage. I'll see what I can get out of it with a lower voltage somewhere around 1.25 is a nicer number than 1.320.