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  1. asedelax97

    Will a switch slow down internet?

    So I have my main router, a wap in my room, and a switch in with the wap. What I decided to do is: Router in my room Wap in the study And switch in the study with the wap Now, EVERYTHING is hooked straight into the switch. Routers wan goes to the switch, then the modem Goes to the switch, my computer Goes straight into the router because it's in my room and they are right next to each other. But my parents computer is plugged into the switch, printer in the switch, and wap is poe into the switch. Then, my computer was getting 35 down and 12 up which is usual. But my parents were only getting like 1 down and 3 up. Barely. With like a 80 ping. My ping was 25. So with that said, is the fact that my parents computer being plugged into the switch and not the router itself slowing down their internet?
  2. asedelax97

    Should i change the layout or is it good

    He's just being silly, don't bother with him lol[emoji12]
  3. asedelax97

    Should i change the layout or is it good

    My typical set up is intake on front and bottom, outtake on top and back. But with what you have now is I believe called a positive air pressure so it will do you just fine in terms of heat.
  4. asedelax97

    Sold my GPU. Now I can't decide on a new one.

    Your best choice is the 980ti strip edition . 0db fan, very quiet, asus has trustworthy gpus and 980ti has alot of strength over the fury x because of the 6gb gddr5 vs the 4gb gddr5 and at the moment, HBM isn't that big of an increase in performance.
  5. asedelax97


    Well then nevermind.
  6. asedelax97


    Oh, didn't notice that. But the 960 is only 2gb
  7. asedelax97


    I would do r9 380. 4gb gddr5 vs 2gb in the 960 is easily better
  8. asedelax97

    Which card do I choose?

    R9 270x
  9. asedelax97

    The Dominator Build Log

    250 gb would not be enough for me. And I was thinking a 980ti originally, but AMD'S 390x has shocked me with 8gb of gddr5 vs 6gb of gddr5 on the 980ti and also free sync is said to be a little better than gsync. That's why I chose the 390x over the 980ti
  10. asedelax97

    The Dominator Build Log

    Lol completely forgot, my bad.
  11. asedelax97

    The Dominator Build Log

    Go big or go home. I have a 128gb corsair ls ATM in my system now and it's got 3gb left and while 960 isn't necessary, 512gb could easily suffice, I might as well go with the best I can get.
  12. asedelax97

    The Dominator Build Log

    Well not JUST for gaming, video editing, video animation, and 3d rendering. Some custom modding for skyrim and other games.
  13. Hello forum, I am building a new computer this summer and I would love to share with you guys! Here are the (insane) specs: Case: Corsair 750d Motherboard: Asus E-WS x99 Processor: Intel 5960x Cooler: Corsair GTX h110 liquid cooler Ram: Corsair Dominator Platinum 64gb 8x8gb 2400mhz Graphics Card: Asus R9 390X Power Supply: Corsair ax1500i Storage: Corsair XT SSD 960gb boot drive And 6tb WD RED for games, and mainly everything else. And that's everything. So, to wrap up, yes this is gonna be a 3500 dollar build, but I feel it will be worth it in the end because of the high specs, I won't need to upgrade any time soon. Thanks for looking at it, and give me any recommendations in terms of changing stuff or swapping things around. Things this computer will be used for: Gaming at 4k Heavy video editing 3d rendering 3d modeling Mods for skyrim and games such as that