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    Do you think this will work?

    Update I had the monitor mounts arrive in the mail and had to try a test fit even though the table can't support it yet. Excuse the mess, I had all sorts of packages arrive an tools out. I had to stand on the bottom bracket of the table to keep the whole thing from toppling over but it gives me an idea of how it's going to work. The monitor mount won't be clamped to the side I'll drill a hole an grommit mount it so that push the panel further over the arm rest. The last 'arm' of the mount is one of those tension arms that allows easy lifting the monitor up an down. Just need the fabricator to sort the side table an build a pc!
  2. Ekkaro

    Do you think this will work?

    Yes! That's a separate related DIY project I'm actually looking forward to. Going to use a nice piece of oak, hollow out a section for the keyboard to sit recessed and epoxy it in place, epoxy a usb hub in place and route out channels for the cables. Will all be connected through a single USB type C 3.1 extension cable which will be routed through/under the couch so the cable can easily be disconnected and hidden down the side of the seat cushion. I've bought most of the components for this except the actual keyboard. It's proving really really difficult to find a TKL keyboard, UK layout with quiet switches (so I don't drive my wife insane)
  3. After surrendering my man-cave I'm looking at options to bring my gaming setup to the living room couch. The blue bars represent steel 4cm square bars that I want welded on. I've spoken to a fabricator and it's going to be around £130. The monitor is a Acer X34A Predator which is apparantly around 5KG. Idea is that the whole weight of the couch is baring down on the bars along the floor, the couch has a wooden batton near the end of the floor bars going perpendicular to the bars. So I figure when the monitor is hanging over the couch the bars will be pressing against the floor and if I happen to swing the monitor the other side of the table, it would have to lift the whole weight of the couch to have a chance of moving. The diagrams don't show it but there is very little room for bigger table and I plan on adding a shelve within the table which will house a PC I've got to build (never built a PC eek)