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  1. With Corsair's extremely shoddy Link software, it's difficult to see the value of their i series PSUs. Corsair puts a considerable price premium on these extra features so decent software support should be a given. Link's PSU monitoring and control functions are bug-ridden, if they work at all. I'd suggest paying close attention to software updates and bug reports on Corsair's forums before buying any product with Link integration.
  2. A few people have questioned the value of GSync. It's worth checking out in the flesh if you can find a store with a demo model or know anyone with a GSync monitor. As Linus said, it's almost impossible to describe or demonstrate GSync's visual improvements without experiencing it first hand. I was just as dubious as the rest of you but my first experience with a GSync monitor was nothing short of a revelation. The last time I was that impressed by a visual upgrade was shortly after I installed a Voodoo2 graphics card in my 486 beige box PC. GSync dramatically improves the overall visual experience of fast moving 3D games. It's really worth a look even if you stopped caring about screen tearing long ago.
  3. Mate, living in Australia sure makes it hard to be a bleeding edge tech enthusiast. The price for anything PC related gets jacked up beyond belief. It's even worse for obscure items like watercooling gear. I shed a tear (and add 100%) everytme I see the US launch price for an awesome new tech product. I had to import my Shield tablet from the US and pay an outrageous amount for shipping because it hasn't even been released in Australia. Just one of many... /rant
  4. Have you tried running the PCI-e test built into GPU-Z? There's a little arrow right next to the PCI-e reading. If you click it, a GPU stress test will pop up which has an on screen display for PCI-e data. Let it run for a few seconds and see if it changes to x16. My 780 Tis run at PCI-e x4 in Windows but switch to x16 at load. I think it's highly likely your card will do the same thing. If it stays at x4, there's a chance it's an incorrect reading from your motherboard. I'm not familiar with that chipset or board but certain Asrock mobos and BIOS versions have this bug. You should be able to find more info with a bit of focused Google-fu. If all else fails, run a few benchmarks and compare the results to computers with similar hardware. If the results are similar you can write it off as an annoying bug and forget about it. *edit* http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1808886found this thread after a quick search and a few more like it. Should be a relatively easy fix with a bit of research.
  5. That sounds absolutely incredible. I've already started saving my shekels for the monitor and the two top-tier nVidia cards required to play games on it! If that's its standard price, it will end up costing nearly $1500 AUD after the exchange rate and "haha you live in Australia" tax is applied. As a rough comparison, I paid $1000 AUD for an ROG Swift just after its release. IPS would be very sweet but not at that price.
  6. So how much does it cost? Both of the links posted have zero information about the product in the review!
  7. I support your attempt to increase revenue but the lack of mobile support makes Vessel completely unusable for me. I watch videos exclusively on my Shield and unless I'm missing something, Vessel has absolutely no support for Android devices. I don't have a problem with the move to a subscription-based service but I have to question the choice of platform. Mobile support and HD video are basic features for a streaming service, let alone a subs5cription only website. I hope these features will be implemented in the short term because I'd like to be a part of this move.
  8. The Chroma has one major advantage: it can display 16.8m colours compared to only 512 on the Corsair RGB keyboards.
  9. Despite what some people are claiming, Corsair's RGB keyboards are currently limited to 512 colours. This has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt and even admitted by Corsair. Why people continue to claim otherwise is beyond me. In my opinion, the actual fault isn't particularly important. The real issue is Corsair's failure to disclose it prior to the product's release, refusal to commit to a timeline for a fix and their false advertising which continues to this day. It's extremely likely Corsair new about this issue before release but kept quiet so it wouldn't hurt sales. There was absolutely no mention of the problem from Corsair until a user discovered it several weeks after release. Corsair attempted to dispute the extent of the fault and deflect criticism until it was proven beyond any doubt. They claimed they would release a fix within "a couple of weeks" but four months have passed without any sign of it. Their latest update has no mention of a timeline, simply a promise to release a fix "when it's ready". Even worse, Corsair continues to promote and advertise the product as being capable of 16.8m colours. It's featured prominently on advertisements and product packaging. Corsair hasn't even removed it from the product page on their own website! They have continued to make false claims in advertising MONTHS after they were forced to admit the existence of the fault. This is blatant fault advertising and shows a serious ethical deficiency. I'd really like to see Linus cover the story after advertising the keyboards so heavily on his channel.
  10. I had this problem and it took me ages to figure out. I ended up being caused by a sleeved 24 pin motherboard extension cable that had slightly damaged pins at the point of connection to the board. I bought a new power supply which didn't fix the problem because I kept the extension cable. I didn't discover the faulty cable until I replaced it after buying a new sleeved extension kit. The most likely cause of your shutdowns is a faulty power supply but I'd recommend checking that the cables are property connected to your hardware and to the power supply itself (if it's modular) before replacing it.