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    Vancouver BC
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    Computers, and everything to do with them.
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    Local Vancouver Small Business owner, inspired by Linus to break away from NCIX and start my own Business of building Local Customized PCs for any budget!
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    Real Estate Property Manager/Custom Computer Builder


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    i7 4820k @ 4.3 (1.165v)
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    ASUS X99-A
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    16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400 CAS13
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan X
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    Corsair 760T
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    2x2TB Seagate Barracuda + 2xRAID 0 Intel 730 240GB + 2x256GB SSD
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    Corsair RM850 Gold 80+
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    ASUS ROG Swift 1440p 144Hz 1ms
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    Custom Water loop, XSPC 360mm Rad
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    Ducky Shine 4 (Cherry MX Green)
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    Razer Crapadder 2013
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    Harman/Kardon III
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    Windows 8.1/Kali Linux

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  1. The MSI B85-E45 and its competitors are the best board in my experience for anyone not planning on doing any major overlocking and wanting to get a decent Haswell Chip (G3258, i5 4590, i7 4790) The value is amazing at $65 CAD before MIR and I've put over 100 of them into PCs and never had a single problem of any sort with any single one. They even support basic overlcoking to get your 4590 up the 3.7GHz and have good voltage control too. Solid Audio, great product. LGA1150 doesn't have "Northbridge" like older motherboards (that's now handled by the CPU) so motherboard does not directly affect performance, if you're building within any budget under $1000 CAD get an H81 or B85 that's cheap and of solid quality and an i5 4590 + GTX 960 for gaming. If you're looking at a cheaper budget range get a G3258 as the B85 supports fully unlocked overclocking with the Pentium-K and I've managed to get 4.8GHz stable on air with this chipset. (1.31v)
  2. It depends on what level of protection you're comfortable with and your security needs. For a normal user that's not doing any major business online generally a basic AV like Avast is enough +AdwCleaner/Malwarebytes every once and a while for good measure.
  3. It will surely work. But the 280 gets very hot compared to the 960 and as their performance and price is more or less the same (at least here) it's better to go with the one that's quieter for most. Personal preference though, the 280 will work just fine.
  4. I do these all the time! They're really popular. Drop the Z97 and get an i5 4590 with an H81i for cheaper and overclock the 4590 to 3.6GHz on stock cooling for free. (PM Me if you need help with this). Drop the R9 280 for a GTX 960 in my opinion as the heat in the smaller space makes a difference and in my personal opinion I would go with the Raven RVZ01 since it has great airflow and is SO much fun to build it. It also allows you to have an amazing side view of the graphics card laying down which is very nice while also being in gaming console small form factor. If you really want a Z97 then spend the extra money to get a 4690k; the increase in performance for the money is very worth it. Also generally the EVGA 500w PSU are a little bit cheaper and are my preference over the Corsair as I've had to accept RMA for way too many Corsair that have coil whined after just a few months.
  5. They actually have a tech demo of an Xbox One at NCIX Burnaby hooked up to a really nice OLED Display 1080p TV using the curved display and frame skipping to get 120Hz. Of course it's only in 30FPS Pre-Rendered demo mode but it still actually looks probably about as good as it will ever look on that TV.
  6. Will it support custom loop? Yes. Custom loop is about "Making it work" with bonus points for making it work well and making it look good. The windows isn't the best on the H440 and the space is eaten up by the drive bays but other than that it looks good. There are better options in my opinion but at the end of the day it's an aesthetic choice but also one that makes the overall process easier (by going with a more suited case) the new Fractal Design Define S is actually a very good alternative if you're looking for custom-loop. It has a massive window and mountings for your res as well as being designed for custom loop water cooling in mind.
  7. If you need to get an Nvidia GPU get the GTX 750 Ti. Linus did a video on getting cheap garbage GPUs and concluded, as the rest of us already had, that they don't serve a purpose on the market. Sure it's considerably more money but the GTX 750 ti will actually allow you to play every game you own. The GT430 is what we in the putah' biz refer to as "garbage"
  8. If they want to become a high end chip they're going to need to skip-jump a few generations forward to get their IPC in the same cosmos as Intel chips. Part of the reason I'll never recommend an AMD CPU for a gaming machine is an abhorrent single-core performance or IPC when compared to Intel's Haswell. Maybe if Windows 10's DirectX 12 allows games to 100% across the board convert to DX12 without hassle AND also at the same time offers 1-1 performance scaling for multi-core weak IPC chips for gaming. But that's a big if.
  9. What they said. Unless of course it's not for gaming in which case you don't need SLI the two cards can both just be used at the same time.
  10. No. Your CPU will fluctuate in temperature as it gets used by the system.
  11. Disproven. Every game I've ever tested works except for Far Cry 4 (unless you pirate it, then it works fine), the worst situation is two games give you a popup saying "Warning, blah blah blah dual core CPU" you press yes and then enjoy 60+FPS on High settings with your budget GPU (GTX 750, 760, 960, R9 270, etc). Like I keep saying. I have first hand experience here and evidence to back that up. This chip is astounding compared to the competition as it delivers the best IPC of any CPU under $280 (The 4690k is the ONLY close CPU that beats it's IPC at over $200 more) and almost every game every will gain more performance through high IPC vs 4/6/8 weak useless cores (Vishera, Kaveeri, etc.) Yes. If the chip had Hyperthreading it would be better. But an unlocked i3 would literally kill the i5 market and Intel isn't a company that makes a habit of killing their own market.
  12. Far Cry 4 runs on Dual-Core you just have to get a crack to circumvent the manual lock that Ubisoft put on for god-knows-what reason. (Linus has mentioned this) You can easily listen to music to play games with a 3258, a calculator these days could decode MP3 in its spare time. Other than Far Cry 4 I'm not aware of any games, could you please provide examples? A 3258 will give you much more performance than a "quad core" X4, and like I said just how much experience do you have with these chips? There's not a single G3258 that I've ever tested that won't hit 4.0 on stock cooling with 1.195v (1.31v is recommend ceiling) and absolute ease on a cheap chipset, if you have evidence to the contrary of that please provide it as I've provided my first-hand experience as a person who actually works with every retail CPU on a daily basis.
  13. When you say "crashes all the time..." do you mean it tells you the display driver has stopped responding?
  14. I suppose you're right. I would like to point out that the Pentium-K can actually hold 60 FPS with a GTX 960 at medium-high settings without stutter. TXAA causes stutter and any other anomalies can be removed by simply limiting FPS to 60. The only downside is streaming the game or doing any other CPU-heavy task would indeed impact performance heavily.
  15. How many have you had a chance to use with real-world tests and real-world machine with a wide variance of hardware first-hand? I think I'm up to over 100, I've done 15 these last 2 weeks alone. You get two unlocked Haswell Cores on a $70 chip, combined with the fact you can overclock to 4.4GHz easily on stock on an H81 or B85 Chipset, leaving you with $130 spent and two 4.4GHz Haswell Cores. Games that benefit from high IPC (World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Dota2, Counter Strike, etc.) will perform much better with a 4.4GHz Pentium than a 3.6GHz i5 and saves you $200. What would you rather? A GTX 750 with an i5 or a GTX 960 and some change with a Pentium? The CPU has a valid place on the market; large sale numbers (at least on my end) and success only goes to prove that.