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  1. Lanciferp

    any other fun places to go while at vancouver?

    We are taking a car, and driving to whistler if you're into that whole nature thing.
  2. Lanciferp

    Any suggestions for getting from Seattle to Vancouver?

    I've got 2 adults flying into Seattle and were driving to vancouver. Were big car people so were renting a sports car on Turo, but you can find cheap stuff for 50 bucks a day or even less that'll give you the miles you need to drive there and back.
  3. Lanciferp

    I am STUCK... HELP

    Im on that exact laptop, exact specs, 8th gen something or other 6 core i7, 1050ti, 4k display, 32 gb ram, 1th hd. I got it at costco for 2k. It isnt a gaming laptop, its a work laptop, I'm a computer science student, and tabs are my jab, I multitask a ton, thus the ram. But I can run overwatch on ultra at 60 fps, at 1080p, you can get playabek framerates at 4k too, Ive run Black OPs 4 on low at 70 fps, etc. It games well enough. Battery life while gaming is good, I was playing Final Fantasy 115 for 2 hours w/o realizing it wasnt plugged in, It left me at a bit under half battery. I dont like gta v, thus havent played it, sorry. The battery life in general is solid, even with the 4k display. I can get 5 hours easily, I just turn the brightness down and coast. There are quirks though, it doesnt go into sleep properly all the time. It boots crazy fast, but sometimes takes longer to go out of sleep than it does to boot. Random audio bugs as well, If I close it, or it goes to sleep with my DAC plugged directly in it doesnt recognize it, and there are random crackles in the audio.
  4. Lanciferp

    ETEKNIX: Apple Music is Stealing Users’ Songs

    Apple music pisses me off so much. I can't download music I've already paid for through itunes, i have to pay more money to be able to listen to them. They better not touch the stuff I have downloaded, but I think that's going to be the case soon.
  5. Yeah, that suit was legit. she has 3rd degree burns on her crotch, and needed skin grafts. That's a drink you're supposed to put into your mouth, it being that hot is ridiculous.
  6. Lanciferp

    [Adorama] Sennheiser HD 600 for $249, HD 650 for $299

    Pobably not, you should get an amp to get the most out of them
  7. Lanciferp

    30 fps console vs 30 fps pc

    I think its just that you're used to 60 fps on your pc, and what you cap it to 30 you can see the lag and stutter a lot easier, but on a console your mind has no reference point, and thus it doesn't look as bad at 30 fps. id be interested to see a side by side console vs pc at 30 fps though.
  8. Lanciferp

    Best RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

    Those awful keycaps though. I used on in the store, and i couldn't type on the damn thing.
  9. Im looking for a receiver for my pool house, but I want something kinda complicated. Im going to have interior and exterior speakers, and I want to be able to play the interior ones by themselves, as well as the interior ones plus the exterior ones, with an exterior and interior subwoofer connected to their respective channels. I don't think Ill ever play just the exterior speakers alone, so I don't need the receiver to be able to do that. Is this possible? Does such a receiver exist? Thank you in advance.
  10. Lanciferp

    Amazon (UK) Sennheiser HD 600 (Prime Day)

    well the 600's will give you the same problem. if you don't want to buy an amp go for something lower than the 600's. The hd 600's are 300 ohms too.
  11. Lanciferp

    Amazon (UK) Sennheiser HD 600 (Prime Day)

    what do you mean you don't have the equipment for the 70/800's they're 300 ohms like the 600, you may now have the best amp in the world, but you would be able to use them if you can use the 600's
  12. Lanciferp

    Amazon (UK) Sennheiser HD 600 (Prime Day)

    I don't think this is a prime day sale, as it isn't in the US, but thats great nonetheless. They were 100 off yesterday in the us too, today they're back to normal price
  13. Lanciferp

    Student laptop recommendation (800-1000eur)

    They seem to do alright in program use, which is what a student will mostly be using it for. A Video editing work horse it is not, but word, excel, a bit of coding are all things it can handle well enough. And you can't deny the power and space savings they enable.
  14. Lanciferp

    Student laptop recommendation (800-1000eur)

    the i3 is 800, but again, thats an i3 with 4 gb ram and a tiny ssd. When you spec it us to the level of the x305 ram and ssd wise you are spending closer to 1200 bucks.
  15. Lanciferp

    Student laptop recommendation (800-1000eur)

    the dell ups 13 is out of that range, that is a sexy laptop though. I want one so bad.