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    Intel Core i5-4690k
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    MSI Z97 Gaming 5
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  1. sounds like a techquickie video suggestion. yea i was trying to install windows 10 to my old laptop to give it to my mother last week, where the hdd have 3 partitions i made long time ago and i couldn't just install it on the C drive felt weird to me, so i delete all partitions (good thing i don't need those stuff anymore) and then i'm able to
  2. as for me i prefer motivating and upbeat lyrics but sad and calming ones are okay too. Songs with meaningful which to be honest are hard to find these days especially mainstream ones where everything is about drugs, sex, breakups..... one of my favourite songs is a J-Rock in which its about depression in the argument of instrumental and vocals, i would say why not both? there are times i prefer to hear just instruments, sometimes just vocals and sometimes both. With proper tone they can fit my mood pretty nicely
  3. umm i never seen any. at least not yet windows 10 just works fine for me maybe i'm just the outlier or something idk
  4. don't care if it has light or not, as long as it works as intended at performance/price i mean, sure why not
  5. 1.pay off my loans 2.invest on lands and do farming to grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and animals 3.go learn how to invest on stocks and whatnot 5.then the rest goes to charity, holiday, buy my parents things, got myself a decent rigs and house
  6. i'd say any laptops these days can be use to take not and pdf as its primary use. just matter of portability and battery life or something like that
  7. idk, mine are just friends and families lol
  8. Starcraft 2 Pro gamers Terran: Innovation Demuslim HeroMarine Polt Fantasy Protoss: PartinG Harstem MaNa Stats Classic Zest Zerg: Ragnarok soO Random (non-pros): PiG WinterSC Lowko BeastyQt
  9. tell me where you live, so i can stay away from that place for my entire life
  10. youtube comment & twitch chat which are better?
  11. i can drive both, but i just prefer manual simply because of its cheap, makes me incontrol in most situation and also kept me awake the last part is especially important, when i haven't bought my current car yet, i use my parents auto car and i fell asleep in the middle of driving. I'm lucky that my driving style has always to leave a lot of space between me and front car and it was during a heavy traffic jam. Else i would have hit a very expensive Mercedes in front of me
  12. to keep things short, after deducting traveling to and from work + dinner + actual 7.5 hours work a day for 5 days a week, i only have approximately 3 hours of sitting down on my computer at home. too tired to play any game so i just watch pro player stream or weekly tournament instead wish public transport a bit cheaper where i live, but economy isn't that great. such sad life i live in