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  1. Pro gamer looks better. I suggest the Maximus VII but its more expensive
  2. Thanks, i think ill get a 256gb ssd with a 3TB red (it was either that or 2 x 1TB WD BLUE in raid 0 but i figure the 1TB space is worth more than the speed boost the raid 0 is going to give me )
  3. How about an SSD for the OS half the size (in this case a 512gb) and with the rest buy 2 WD HDD and raid 0 (that way you get 2TB of space with 300 speed) + a 2 TB HDD for backup ? This should cost about the same as a 1 TB ssd, if not less
  4. Already running 1 x 1TB + 1 x 2TB external disk backups, one of which isnt even in my house, i update it via a 2.0 128GB usb drive
  5. In that case, how about 1 x 256gb SSD for OS and 2 x 1 TB WD Blue in a raid 0 setup ?
  6. So im looking at two builds that cost exactly the same 4 x WESTERN DIGITAL WD10EZEX 1TB CAVIAR BLUE SATA3 running at raid 5 (i calculated that it will have 3T of space with read 450mb/s and write 150mb/s or lower) http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/SpecSheet/ENG/2879-771436.pdf vs 1 x Crucial M550 512GB 2.5'' SSD (read 550 mb/s , write 500 mb/s) or 2 x Crucial M550 256GB 2,5" SSD (read/write ~1000mb/s) http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/storage-ssd-m550 What are your thoughts ? edit: Third option could be Raid 10 with the WD resulting in 2TB space with read 6000 mb/s and write 300 mb/s)
  7. Can raid 0 affect gaming and recording ? Or do you just increase the failure chance with no benefit ? Btw im talking about a 4770k system with r9 290 CF
  8. Im going to be using 2 x Crucial M550 256GB (no need to suggest mx100, it has exactly the same price, if not a little more expensive here) There is not difference in price between buying 2 x 256gb or 1 x 512gb. As far as i know Crucial 550 256gb vs Crucial 550 512gb has the same specs so no loss there Also im going to be keeping a constant backup on cloud and external drive so not really afraid of data loss (at least not more than the usual fear built up over the years of losing data) The question is: Am i going to see a difference in performance when it comes to gaming & recording or video editing ? Or am i just doubling my failure chance (in other words my chance of buying another ssd sooner than i should) ?
  9. Yea, it has a cage for the drives but corsair both models i linked have that and they still have 100mm different psu sizes but their case size is the same (actually the one in question is a bit bigger) Maybe its a typo ?
  10. Looks nice but its length is small, isnt that an issue ? I've heard that have a long heatsink is good, thats why i thought the mugen max is better than the other. Plus, its got a 140mm fan, and i think bigger fans are better (i dont know about noise, i think its like 4db louder but i dont know how much that is )
  11. That would really make a difference but here is the same price as http://www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/cpu-cooler/mugen-max.html So i dont think it the best choice available, thats why i started the topic
  12. Well here they are all +-5 dollars From what i can see, all are in the same efficiency category except the http://www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/cpu-cooler/mugen-max.html I think that one is better. Dont you agree ? Btw what price is the mugen max there ? Well here they are around 5dollars +- lots of discounts i guess
  13. The forum is full with posts suggesting the 212 evo as the best budget cooler but after checking a few out, it seems to me that its not so true For example http://www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/cpu-cooler/mugen-max.html More examples http://www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/cpu-cooler/ninja-3-rev-b.html http://www.thermalright.com/html/products/cpu_cooler/macho120_reva.html?panel=1 http://www.arctic.ac/eu_en/freezer-xtreme-rev-2.html 212 evo: http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/hyper-212-evo/
  14. If you are looking for good, get EVGA 500B Bronze or EVGA 600B Bronze If you are looking for cheap, you have a lot of reading to do cause cheap companies make both good and bad psu and you have to find out which is which
  15. I was looking at a case i was interested in buying and i noticed it said maximum psu length 180mm http://www.corsair.com/en/carbide-series-200r-compact-atx-case The psu i was about to buy was http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=120-G2-1000-XR which has a length of 200mm I dont understand how the case can support a graphics card with 400mm lengh but a psu with only 180mm. Also in all the other cases, i never noticed a limit in psu lengths Example: http://www.aerocool.com.tw/index.php/pgs/pgs-v/34-case/pgs-v/809-vs-92-black-windows-edition-specs Edit: It get weirder, another case http://www.corsair.com/pt-pt/carbide-series-spec-03-orange-led-mid-tower-gaming-case Both from corsair, around the same size, completely different psu size !