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  1. What mobo are you using? It looks like you have some special "killer" networking like I do? And it can cause problems so I would see if you can find a way just just disable all of the killer functions
  2. Okay can you do ipconfig /all and post a photo please, sorry I'm starting to get a bit stumped
  3. Okay that is nothing out of the ordinaey do you have any other devices you could test the adapter on? I see no reason for it to not work
  4. Run ipconfig in CMD and post a picture here if possible
  5. Okay so not a DNS problem, do you have any drivers installed at all?
  6. Try a browser if that doesn't work try cmd
  7. its an amazon S3 IP dont ask my why I know it I just do
  8. Could you post a pic of the back of the Belkin as you have it set up currently
  9. Could be a DNS problem find an internet routable IP and try typing that into your browsers let me know how this goes
  10. Okay cool, Well good luck, It would be cool if you could post your findings in this thread
  11. No sorry I don't if you haven't already try googling it
  12. I would love to do what your doing here, this is actually beautiful I take my hat off to you sir, as I sai would love to do what your doing well on this scalw, trouble is im 17 and can't even convince my dad (biggest technaphobe) to get a decent router so I'm stick with what I got.
  13. Yes that would be causing the issues. If you can try starting again cut off the old end past the damaged insulation and then crimp in a new end, being careful not to damage the insulation
  14. Actually with the right NIC's and drivers you can do NIC teaming, as the name suggests the NIC's team up your PC sees it as one connection but its actually 2 or more physical, Although I know that most computers don't have this function, he said the card came from a server, So it may, with the right drivers, have this function. Im not trying to say your wrong. Im just trying to give you more knowledge, Obviously you are correct about the cable from the computer to the router not being a bottle neck
  15. That is true, The wires are thicker, It could be possible that the pins that push through to make contact aren't quite through, If this is the case and you have the tools then you can try crimping the RJ45 down again and see if you can get contact that way. I buy my RJ45's in bulk and I cable both CAT5E and CAT6 and I have never had the problem your suggesting, But I can see how it would come about. I also don't believe there are 'special' CAT6 RJ45's
  16. When you say you pressed the reset button? Is that the little button you get at with a pin or just the restart as in power cycle button? If it was the latter then you could try the little button if you router has one, If not well... Ignore my post and wait for Asus to get back to you
  17. It could be a multitude of things, Could be the cable in the walls or the device on the other end not supporting Gigabit, The color code for CAT5E and CAT6 are the same so that should not effect it, Basically the difference is in the quality of the cable for example CAT6 has tighter twists on the pairs and usually has a plastic core to reduce the amount of EMI
  18. Dedicated is always an option although more expensive you have complete control over the box, Again may be overkill for your needs. The linked OVH branch I believe is dedicated, Another one to check out is Datashack.net, I will most likely get slated for recommending them as a few people have had bad experiences. But personally never had any trouble. They do nice cheap dedicated servers that you can customize to your needs and install windows on them.
  19. Yeah you should do fine with that, Obviously depends on how intensive your game server is. But you should be fine
  20. Yes OVH are a good hosting company, I have only had good experience's with them. I have only once criticism, at some times the server can slow down. But all depends on what node your on.
  21. Hello, What sort of specs are you looking for?