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  1. Yeah at this point, I think I am just going to do that take it apart and just build a bare minimum system and see if I can work something out from there
  2. Im in the UK we use 220-240v 50Hz on the power supply box says 100V - 240V and 47Hz - 63Hz, so I think this means that its okay?
  3. I live in the UK and would be more than happy to help with the networking, If you need a hand
  4. Yeah I thought that as well, I have tried like 3 or 4 different outlets one of which is running my other computer fine
  5. Hello, Thanks all for replies in advance, So a few months back I built a system on a Gigabyte Z97X-SOC, I am not doing any crazy over clocking in fact everything is still running at stock, it was all running fine and then one day I came to turn it on and it just didn't, and on this motherboard like quite a few now days you have a little button on the board that lights up when the board gets power and even that wasn't lighting up, So I tested the power supply and that seemed to be fine, this motherboard has one of the error code displays on the board and I read through the manual an
  6. The E10k looks like a good option at the moment Thanks
  7. Beyerdynamic DT770 250OHM
  8. Thanks for the quick response buddy, ill check those out cheers Do you mean what device or what headphones?
  9. Hello, I'm looking at getting a DAC but I want something that is good value for money. obviously the cheaper the better. Any advice much appreciated Thanks in advance BlindGam3r
  10. Hi guys, A friend of mine is looking to buy a second hand Sapphire R9 280x Toxic from a shop that had got them from someone who had used them for bit coin mining. He has been given a fair price of 140 when the cards are 260 new. I just want to know your thoughts on this and weather you think its a good idea or not, I just think that it wont last long as the card has been running at 100% load for a long time while mining. Thanks
  11. Hello, What your looking for is a switch, a small 4 - 8 port switch. Can find them cheapo enough on amazon. Hope this helps
  12. Oh right so I was heading the complete wrong direction, Sorry I have never heard of this before. Sorry for wasting your time
  13. Only problem is, Don't have a static IP. I should just be able to get round this with Dynamic DNS right?
  14. That, Is genius? Why did I never thought of this, Recommendations for a vpn server?
  15. Sorry for the late reply, Been away for a few days. To be honest im quite stumped, I come from the UK so I have no idea how internet works out there can you access your router configuration?
  16. Yeah, I am, I am currently studying IT at college and off to University soon to study computer systems and networks. I have got some old cisco enterprise and a couple old dell servers just to play around and I did it like you said just got it off ebay. Hehe but I want to get a better home router that will allow me to set my servers up in a DMZ so I can get to them over the internet and maybe host some stuff of them for me and a few friends but stuck with a shitty old BT HH5 that you cannot configure at all.
  17. It could just be that the web server your trying to ping is set to block pings for security reasons. Ill wait for the ipconfig so I can see whats going on. There is obviously some miss configuration somewhere
  18. Okay, Right that is very odd indeed, Could I see the ipconfig of the laptop please? Sorry for the late replies I have been busy
  19. I dont quite follow what your saying here, And why is your internet being routed through your laptop? did you set it up to do that
  20. IPv6 shouldn't matter, sorry to be a pain but can I have a screen shot of ipconfig run on something that is connected to the same router that can get the internet
  21. This would suggest to me a firewall of some sort is blocking uour computer for some reason
  22. Ignore that I just read the PCIE bit I'm a bit tired at the moment so tomorrow I can give you some more help sorry I couldn't help much today