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  1. Ever since I was a little boy I have always wanted to cure diseases but I never had the computational power to do so. With my lowly Pentium III I'd be lucky to cure diarrhea. Pls linus giff me 5820k
  2. Updated bios before reinstalling windows. Bios settings are stock
  3. tried both sli slots, get the same stuttering. Might get another but I doubt it will make a difference. Running each gpu separately I get no problems. Some games work in SLI and some dont. Alan wake works fine, maxing out both cards. BF3 gets high fps but it stutters all the same. I get random texture flicker that only happens in surround, also at the beginning of each round of CS the screen flashes green or purple. Odd
  4. Ok so where do I start...I've tried 314.22(modded),320.18,320.49, and all the 326 series and I keep stuttering in games. In BF3 the gpus max out, but I still get stuttering despite the high fps. CS:GO the fps drops when there's smoke (wut), Crysis 1 lags an insane amount, even in the menu. When I run any of these games on a single monitor I don't get stuttering...however I think I may have a problem with one of my cards (screen turning green for 1 frame, random shadow glitches..). I ran 3DMark 11 on a loop to see if I get artifacts, and see what the usage was like. I didn't see any visual bugs, but it did stutter, even with fps above 30. This is the usage for 3DMark 11 with all the settings maxed to tax the gpus as much as possible. does this mean there's something wrong with my second card? I never had this problem until recently, and before 3DMark would max out both cards. Is anyone with SLI780/Titan experiencing similar issues? are you using surround? Not sure whether its just me or I have a bad card. EDIT: No OC on the gpus btw.
  5. its too hot sleep upstairs so I've been sleeping downstairs :D Also as promised more pics of the 780s....sorry I took so long :( Good keyboard, even better customer support.
  6. Sorry for the terrible quality guys, was in a hurry to take the pics. My Setup Just Kidding... EDIT: Can anyone guess what this is?
  7. All my lels If the ambient temperature changes by 1C then so will ambient temperature inside your case. How is is ambient temperature not relevant?
  8. sup, Soo why does this happen when I enable Nvida surround? also my start menu looks like this now.... just to be clear...this does not happen when I don't run surround. Any ideas guys? I'm running on a completely fresh install of windows 7 SP1 with all patches applied. Specs are in sig. sorry for the brutal res....
  9. We all knew the low power x86 stuff sucked anyway....
  10. I have one, its beautiful. I also owned the 6260 (first image).