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  1. will change that. anyways, is there any other site for gpu config? can't seem to find the EK Supremacy at amazon, only gives me CPU blocks
  2. I dont plan to OC the 380. I want to cool it better than the usual air cooling. Plus, it wouldn't be good if I only hardline the CPU loop
  3. Specs: - i5-4690K - MSI Z97 PCMate - Sapphire R9 380 Nitro - FD Define S I already researched about watercooling, but I'm still confused on what parts to get for a hardline cooling. I don't plan to use a heat gun instead, I'll be using 90-degree compression fittings. Here's my proposed specs for the loop. I'd like to ask if there's something missing within the specs that I'll be getting. - CPU block - 3/8 ID x 1/2 OD tubes (4-pack will do) - 20x 3/8 ID x 1/2 OD fittings (Would this fit with the tubings?) - 240mm 360mm rad - R-P combo - <Looking for an Amazon link for an R9 380 block. I need help> Loop: Res-Pump -> GPU -> CPU -> Rad -> Res-Pump EDIT 1: 240mm to 360mm rad EDIT 2: Changing links to Amazon, CPU block to XSPC
  4. Hi guys, I found a store in our area that is now selling i3-6100. I'd like to ask if is it worth it for the following: - 720p MOBA/old AAA games with Twitch stream via XSplit - 3D modelling with Maya 2015 + mental ray - current AAA titles (will upgrade to an i5, 2-3 years after build) Current GPU is Sapphire HD7750, but will upgrade to GTX 960 as the first upgrade to the said build.
  5. Within a certain amount of budget, doesn't mATX good with mATX case as well? I do found a mITX board inside a 900D compatible, but look retarded. Like most people would get an HTPC case or a ITX case than a 900D
  6. I was wondering why does majority of PC builders still use an ATX-size boards even though they aren't goaling for an SLI/CF config? Instance 1: Let's say a $500 Intel build that has a Pentium G3258 and a seemingly Z97 ATX board with a single 260X. For one instance, a dual 260X would be redundant and everybody suggests getting a single 380/390 than getting dual 260X. Instance 2: a somehow-high end graphics card (2 PCIe slots), a RAID card (1 PCIe slot), and a WiFi slot (1 PCIe slot) could fit in a mATX board DISCLAIMER: I am also building with an ATX board, so everybody's opinion is accepted and taken on a positive note.
  7. Xeons are pretty much non-existent in our country. They are only used here as server processors, and usually bundled up with servers. Does B85 supports OC?
  8. so h97 route + 4130, if there's an upgrade --> 4690K (I have no use for 4770/4790 as I don't do heavy works of renders), is that correct?
  9. Planning to go 4.1GHz or something on that range. So if I go i3-4170, I can overclock it? My problem with Intel builds is I can't get it running before the end of the year because I'm getting a Z97 board for overclocking
  10. planning to overclock both CPUs by the time I have the VR kit. Will also do streaming twice a week at 720p30f.
  11. R9 390 is already out of budget. I already have a choice of 6300 or 8320e for CPU.
  12. How will it struggle on OR? Like 10-20FPS low, or just frame drops?
  13. currently having a hyper t4, will get an h60 once I get the system up and running. for the mobo, I can't decide on getting an ATX or mATX A88 board
  14. "My streams are only for light games like Dota2, League, SimCity, and Rocket League. I only stream at 720p30 because of slow internet service we have." afaik, 860K is 7850K minus iGPU, so I guess it will work like a charm
  15. afaik, OR's minimus is Q6600 (found the source: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/here-are-the-minimum-specs-oculus-rift-requires-re/1100-6427932/). It's recommended is i5-4590 For 3d rendering, time is not a factor. (Well I guess I hope it renders within a day, I can live with that). My streams are only for light games like Dota2, League, SimCity, and Rocket League. I only stream at 720p30 because of slow internet service we have.
  16. A random thought since I'm building a 80% gaming - 20% 3D rendering PC (http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/451305-2016-build-8-core-or-i5/). Consider I get an 860K, A88 motherboard, and a GTX 970 (I found out 380 Nitro has been sold out on every store in our country, which left me to go 970) for a render PC? As I said on my previous thread, I will only render once or twice a week. Also, I'll be using it for weekly Twitch streams. EDIT #1: A 960 or a 970 for the GPU. It will be the last piece to be bought since I can spare my currently-using HD 7750 temporarily. I just need to run the render PC asap
  17. hmm.. cool.. back to gpu, nitro or 960 is good with 6300? I only found 6300 around our local stores and buying 6350 overseas would double up expenses (shipping and customs are assholes here. bigtime)
  18. I'd like to ask as well if 1866MHz RAMs benefit on FX6300.
  19. either r9 380 nitro by sapphire or any random gtx 960 with red in its design
  20. I don't have enough budget to obtain at least the CPU+MOBO+HDD by December this year. I can only attain either 63X0 or 8320E. I could get 8350, but I have to give up MSI 970 Gaming and go for a Gigabyte DSP3 board