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    Caria - Castelo Branco - Portugal
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    Stuffs ... and potatoes.
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    In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice.
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    i7-4770 @ 3.40GHz
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    Asus B85-PLUS
  • RAM
    8 GB
  • GPU
    Asus ROG MATRIX GTX780 ti
  • Case
    NOX Coolbay TX
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    240 GB SSD + 2T HDD
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    Nox Urano VX 750W
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    24" Asus LCD
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    HP K3000
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    Razer Diamondbkac 2016
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    5.1 mitsai system
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    Win 10 Pro
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  1. I've spent sometime looking at the website and I found these as well, seeing as the one I posted earlier might not be in stock for the moment. https://www.mbit.pt/seasonic-fonte-semi-modular-core-gm-650w-80-gold https://www.mbit.pt/bitfenix-fonte-modular-whisper-m-450w-80-gold https://www.mbit.pt/corsair-fonte-tx550m-550-watt-semi-modular-80-gold-cp https://www.mbit.pt//corsair-fonte-corsair-high-performance-sfx-sf45-modular https://www.mbit.pt//be-quiet-fonte-atx-600w-system-power-9-cm-bn302-80-bronze-se https://www.mbit.pt/nzxt-e500-pc-power-supply https://www.mbit.pt//be-quiet-fonte-pure-power-11-cm-500w-80-gold https://www.mbit.pt/evga-psu-case-accs-evga-750-b3-bronze-cpnt-power-supply https://www.mbit.pt//fractal-fonte-de-alimentacao-integra-m-650w-80-plus-bronze https://www.mbit.pt//be-quiet-fonte-atx-700w-system-power-9-cm-bn303-80-bronze-se From all of these, which ones should I stay away from and which would be the best options considering lifetime usage and possibility of system upgrade-ability. I don't know if it helps by the way, but I use Solidworks, Blender and Unreal Engine a lot. Once again thank you for the time spent looking at this.
  2. Hey guys, so in the last 20 days, I got into my head to try and come up with a new custom case design. Not only to test my skills in SketchUp, as I haven't used it for years, but also to test and learn a bit more about pc case design. The idea came to me when I saw the Fractal Design Era case. and... I loved the case, honestly. It was simple, beautiful and sleek. No rgb, no glass or acrylic or any of those. It isn't to say that I dislike them, but I can overlook them pretty easily. But two things bothered me with it. Cable management was the first, the second was the airflow. So far, this is the base I've developed. A bit stuck in terms of outside design now but, what do you think? (Size is 162mm x 318mm x 359mm (WxDxH))
  3. Hey, I buy my stuff from a Portuguese store, MBIT, even if I can find cheaper options in other stores. Trust reasons for the most part. I also intend to upgrade my system in the future as the specs are starting to be outdated, the gpu was just the latest upgrade. Also trying to go from a "normal" psu to a modular one, for less cable mess. And I'm not looking to overclock anything now or in the future. except for the "default" turbo settings that come with nowadays hardware. Thank you everyone so far for your answers.
  4. As I said, if it turns out that the problem is the psu (which unfortunately I don't have any sure way of checking) I will change it, but before spending any money that I could save for other things, I'd like to troubleshoot the problem as best as possible. The PSU I am thinking on getting is the PURE POWER 10 600W CM if I follow trough with the psu change.
  5. Good evening, the psu is a nox urano vx 750, and it has around 4+ years now. In case that information helps. Thank you for the quick reply.
  6. So lately my computer has randomly been shutting down, usually while I am gaming or working for a few hours, where I get to receive this warning: My first thoughts where that temps where going too high, but I've checked that the cpu floats between 40ºC and 60ºC. And the gpu stays somewhat consistent around the 70ºC I've read that it could be due to voltage settings, but I don't understand much of this and haven't really messed with them if I remember correctly. (I attached an image from asus AI suite to see if it helps) Which leads me to think that the psu needs replacement, but I'd like to be near certain that it really is the psu before spending some money on a new one that might not fix the issue. PC SPECS below (from DxDiag)
  7. Hey sorry to revive this post after so long specially since what I'm about to ask isn't entirely a decent enough creation but would anyone in this thread have any insight into blender game engine? I'm currently trying to develop a game for a class and I've even dropped the same question on BlenderArtists.org but sadly no reply yet. Basically ... my game when I press P simply crashes. Specifically the game scene since the pause one plays just fine ... I'll upload the file I have just in case someone has the time to reply. Also slightly off topic I invited all interested to come hangout on my twitch channel starting Monday 15th as I'll be returning to creative streams and they are mostly if not all related to blender modeling. The Gayme.blend
  8. I've been a bit away from topic lately, but here's a few print screens from a game I recently developed for a gamejam where I acted as 3d Modeler.
  9. Greetings, a few days ago a friend of mine asked me if I could take a look into his laptop's keyboard, a Toshiba Satellite L50 - B - 2FT , because apparently the keys weren't working, and so I went to check it out and it was true, they weren't, most of'em anyway, some of these keys are fine like: Windows key ALT GR SELECT Right CTRL Arrows Num Enter Num Slash Home End Page Up Page Down FN DEL INS All the other keys are assumed as being F7 I tried changing the windows language, keyboard's language and even system restore. None of these work. Screen keyboard works fine and is in the proper keyboard language and layout. If anyone has any info on what might be causing this problem I'd be thankful to at least try a possible fix. Thank you kindly. With the best of regards. Hyperimus
  10. Greetings folks, so... the past two weeks I've had an idea stuck in my head and I've been trying to put it together as best as possible but I'd like to challenge y'all to help with it. So this might seem off topic atm but it's not (I hope), everyone by now must have realized how PC Builds treand is to go as flashy, led, rgb as possible... thing is that's a thing of the 2000s, as in remember when tunning cars trend was to put an acrylic hood to show the engine, and then put neon lights everywhere one could? Yeah might just be me but that seems to be today's pc builds trend with a slight tweak being neons are leds and change colors, and instead of acrylic the trend is tempered glass. So my idea/challenge is to think ahead of the current trend of pcs and push to nowadays car standards, such as and there might be a few more than these, and build a 3D model of a case w/wo components: The engine is meant to look as clean and neat as possible, in black and grey (Carbon fiber, titanium or whatever) with the cover, cables and such corresponding to the outside color of the car. The engine is partially shown through a window, that is often a seamless continuation of the windshield and others covering the interior of the car Aerodynamics start to play and even bigger part, where they serve as air funnels to cool the components when the car's at high speed, but at low speed will help to break the car and maybe even lower the sound. And lastly every car coming out today or at least most have daily light leds that define a car's attitude, like eyebrows, these are thing lines that trace the car shape usually white.
  11. So whenever I try to type the @ symbol with my keyboard, it takes about a second for the symbol to appear, which isn't a very big deal but when trying to log in to something it often happens that the email is typed somethinggmai@l.com which is...bad and I've tried hard to find the reason to be causing this problem that only recently appeared but no luck, could someone better enlightened in this type of issue than me shed some lights on how to fix this if possible? Thank you in advanced to all!
  12. Question. A while ago I asked a bit of help with OCing my GPU, a Matrix Platinum GTX 780ti because it was crashing even if I simply gave it 1Mhz more (any difference in MHz would make it crash, even the default +20 OC Mode in GPU TWEAK II) and folk told me to take it to the shop while I still had warranty because it likely was a faulty card. Earlier today I did just that only to be recommended to update my bios, uninstall the Nvidia Drivers and download the "certified" Driver from the Asus Support website. So I did, uninstalled the drivers, updated the BIOS re-installed the drivers with the ones from the website and even unchecked the geforce experience app (after all it optimizes for 30 fps not 60 and most of the times I find the settings are lame and I can get better ones manually). After all of that I went and tried to OC the gpu again... and it didn't work, about 10 or 20 seconds into Heaven Benchmark the graphic controller crashes. They also told me that other reason might be my windows 10 installation that is faulty but having to install windows + all the crap I need again isn't something I'm feeling like doing unless I really have too, and doing it just for an OC isn't that worth (poor gpu). Would you guys have any suggestions?
  13. Taking into account both the replies I'll try to install it anyway and if the system holds up fine I'll leave the physX for the 780ti but try to use the 550ti power for some Dx12 games or something if I ever get one. Thanks.
  14. Hi, a while ago today I was trying to reinstall my old gpu as a secondary gpu for physX to see if it would benefit me in any way even if just a boost of 2 to 3 frames. Thing is I found that my power supply only has 2 PCI-E 6+2 pin connectors. My question is would it fix the issue if I manage to get a cable that would "double" one of the connectors so that I'd have sort of 3 connectors? Would I find any issues with the wattage or are the 750W I have enough? Would I find any other issues and is it worth to have the physX done in the gtx 550ti (which is my old gpu which I intend to place now) instead of the 780ti doing everything? My rig is kind of the following except the PSU is a NOX Urano VX 750W and not a hummer, and the case is not the VX but the NOX Coolbay TX.
  15. In order not to create a new topic for a mere question, would this External GPU Adapter work in a port for something like this Express Card Wifi? I have a laptop which I'm giving to my little brother and also my old gtx 550ti and was thinking if I could use this gpu adapter to make the laptop kind of better when at home if you know what I mean. For further reference the laptop is an INSYS W76TUN.