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  1. Sounds good, as long as I can get 60fps for CP2077. Reckon that's possible for max or at least very high settings for 3080 with my CPU. Recommended settings that they released say i7-4790 for recommended so I should be fine right?
  2. Thanks, just edited original post. Would rather stick with Intel / Nvidia setup. So my CPU wouldn't be a bottleneck with 3080?
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my pc in time for Cyberpunk 2077 ideally. I want to be able to run it on max if possible. Not wanting to buy a new monitor, not looking to run 8K or anything like that. Was thinking of a RTX3080 but not sure if my CPU will bottleneck it? New higher wattage PSU is inevitable. See my current build below. Look forward to see what suggestions you lot have, I am in no way technical with parts hence asking for advice EDIT: Would rather stick with Intel/Nvidia. Budget (including currency): No more than £1,000 Country: United Kingdom Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs Legions, Call of Duty.. that kind of stuff. Other details Current build: Monitor - Asus Rog Swift PG278Q, 27 inch, 1440p, 144hz, 1ms CPU - Intel i7-6700k @ 4.00ghz (not overclocked) GPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX 980ti Motherboard - ASUS Maximus VIII HERO RAM - 16GB @ 2400mhz PSU - Corsair 550w (I think it's 550w) Corsair Liquid Cooled CPU Samsung EVO SSD - 500GB Hybrid HDD - 1TB
  4. I built my current Pc so is not my first build. I wont be building it myself. I'm going to pay extra to get it built.
  5. Budget is £1600 (£1700 at a push)
  6. Hi, I finally have the money for my new build! So here is what I have come up with. First, the games I play are (currently): R6 Siege Star Wars The Old Republic (MMO) Anno 2205 Upcoming games: Tom Clancys Division Ghost Recon Wildlands Just so you can tell by graphics / cpu usage. Anyway here it is: Motherboard:Asus Maximus VIII Hero Cpu: Intel i7 Skylake 4.0Ghz Gpu: Nvidia Geforce Strix 980ti (If not Strix, what other model as Strix is out of stock currently where I will get it from) Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16Gb (2x8GB) Storage: SSD - Samsumg Evo 850 500GB HDD - anyone recommend a reliable one that wont break the bank? Prob 2TB? Power Supply (Modular) - Corsair RM Series RM1000X 80+ Gold 750W (not sure what supplu tbh, any suggestions?) CPU cooler - Need suggestions for this, was going to go water cooled for CPU only. Have I missed anything? I dont need peripherals just the build itself. Im not amazing with PC components so bare with me
  7. See this is where it's hard for me, so many options and I don't even know what the differences are.
  8. I guess I could overclock. I would say for the system itself around £2000 - £2500 Max. As I need money to buy 2 monitors.
  9. Hi, I am looking to get a whole new build, all from scratch. I am useless when it comes to knowing what parts to get so will need as much help as I can get. What will I be using it for? Streaming on Twitch Mainly playing games, as above. What sort of games? Arma 3 Heroes & Generals These are the main 2 for the moment however will include the following when they are released: Rainbow Six Seige Tom Clancy's The Division Star Wars Battlefront I don't really know where to start. I think I will be going for an i7 over an AMD CPU. Not sure whether to go for AMD or NVidia GPU. Will want SSD for quick boot time as I'm impatient when it comes to loading up PC's Also decent HDD storage. Everything else is a huge fog to me especially when it comes to choosing motherboards. Basically I need an idea of how much money to save. I know new parts come out very often but an idea of a good build and the price will help me figure out what sort of money to save. Also, if you have any suggestions to monitors that would be appreciated. I do not need keyboard, mouse as I have Razer Chroma set. Thanks! Danny
  10. Hi Linus! Vessel username: DannyGreen 2 favourite LinusTechTips videos from Vessel - https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyYand https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0
  11. Ok thanks. I would need a copy of Windows too, but I wont include that in the price of the build.
  12. Well I am getting a monitor soon, suggestions on that would be good too! I have also changed my max price to £1000, this is taking into account other things I want to buy which are not tech related. (I can go slightly higher than £1000 if needed)
  13. I recently bought a AK Racing chair. It's exactly the same as a DX Racer. I got the Premium leather version and it is the best purchase I have made this year so far. Super comfy and you get back and neck support with the chair if you want to use them.
  14. Hi everyone, I am wanting to upgrade my PC. Although when I say upgrade I mean start from scratch and buy a whole system. I am looking to spend a MAX of £1000. I'm not the best with specs and what is compatible or whatever hence the topic. Here is what the PC is going to be used for: Gaming - I mainly play Arma 3, but I also play other like Dying Light, Battlefield and more. Video editing and rendering - I got a camcorder for my 21st to start my fitness channel on Youtube so would be good to have decent rendering speeds for 1080p etc.. General PC use - Of course the usual Youtube, Facebook. I mainly use my PC for playing online games and when I get my new build I will be using it for video editing and rendering as stated above. I have done a little looking around online, my friend said I should get the new GTX 960/970/980 with a Intel i7 Haswell processor. Thoughts on that? I would also like SSD for fast boot ups and games and hard drive for all my other files. I don't really know where to start. My biggest struggle is choosing which motherboard to go for. I am from United Kingdom and mainly buy from Aria or Overclockers UK. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.