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  1. i've recently moved from Adsl (had 2mb/s down 0,2mb/s up) to wireless using a antenna (10-30 mb/s down m 4mb/s up), got similar or better in Ping ,though the wireless one looses about 20-30% of Packets , i don't even notice this unless i'm gaming and to be more precise playing Path of Exile where it just flat lines. I've looked online and saw that a VPN greatly helps, and it actually did , going down from 10-20%on FrankFurt server or 70% on Milan server to 1% or less lost packets. So many question is : how come i'm not losing packets while using a Vpn ? shouldn't it be same problem
  2. can you ? i went to repair shop and they told me they can't do anything about it (motherboard fried during bootloop) , then again this is italy