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  1. Hi all i am looking for a command that will show me what applications on a server a user desktop has accessed over the last number of days what i mean is that i have plex and other applications like it on a single server Does anyone know of a command that will ether run on the server or PC to tell me who accessed which service.
  2. That be my method but when it is a work pc and all software to be installed is to go through a 3 month testing and eval. It will not fly with the boss
  3. I am having a issue with a windows 7 pro 64bit machine the build in search feature is not working on one user profile but is working ok on all other. I have tried rebuilding the index and removing the StructuredQuerySchema.bin is their anything else i can try as i cannot delete the profile as it is link to a very important software key. It is not even searching for items in my documents when i can see them on the screen
  4. sorry for being vague What i mean is you have files "Last_Seg.log" Date Modified "11-05-2017" this is the master Log. Other logs "transaction12345.log" Date Modified "15-05-2017" and the file to delete "transaction123.log" Date modified "10-05-2017". What is am looking to do is only delete logs older that the "Last_Seg.log" and keep all one that are newer.
  5. Hi I am looking to write a script that will delete all files in a folder that has a date last modified older that a set file. The best way to match this file is by it name as the date will change based on the last transaction it processes.
  6. if you want to go the linux road i would use cent os as i fould it worked very well for me on my old media server with your kit the only issue is storage as you only have 2tb and that will fill quick if you have many full HD movies
  7. Thanks for the info I think i will be having a few arrays then
  8. I am new to freenas and dont know musch on how it works I am looking to build a Freenas Server that will start with 5 drives 10TB NAS drives and expand to 24 in over the next year or so as i need the drives and the funds become available. Is their a way to add HDD's to a current volum and keep the RaidZ2 for all the drives.? because online the only way i found was to rebuild the RAID to add the drivres in. This would not be possible as i have to much data to copy to an external drive I could not find anything on new versions of freenas for this that is why i am asking for some help Thanks
  9. Hi RAID: Adaptec 51245 RAID Card 16-Port HDD:16 WD Reds PSU: Corsair 800W The UPS i was asking about was for the RAID card not the normal rack UPS as i already have one. I was thinking if i could i would just get the case and a new RAID card and transfer the HDD's to the new RAID card and add HDD as needed. Is this possible as i was looking at the getting the HighPoint RocketRAID 2760A As i have only a €500 to €1000 budget and i want a good RAID card and case
  10. Thanks for the replay Do you have any suggestions on cases as i am not a big hardware person
  11. I am looking to expand my File/Media server. I already have 16 4TB drives but i am running out of space. I was looking to move up to a 24 bay server rack. I was told it is possible to move my 16 drive to the new server that has a new RAID card. Can anyone give me any advice as i really dont want to loose all my files and folders Also could you recommend any relayable RAID controllers for 24 disk with a UPS if possible
  12. Hi I am looking to move all my family desktops into a server cabinet in the comms room to make it easer for UPS's install i want to do when they are mounted and working. But i am not able to find any rails to mount them in the rack. Does anyone know of a site that sells rails that will fit generic server cases Thanks
  13. I am looking to build a hyper v server for a college project that will support 4 servers, 3 OS and virtual apps I have €2000 to spend does anyone have any suggestions for hardware as I am new to this type of thing
  14. want to build a hyper v server that will have 3 servers and 4 OS can anyone suggest the equipments needed