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  1. ProCoComputerRepairs

    Linus takes the final step in abandoning his original audience.

    "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." Bill Cosby
  2. ProCoComputerRepairs

    Pc starting but not doing anything

    Did you try taking out the ram already and testing each stick of ram individually?
  3. ProCoComputerRepairs

    What is your breakfast most of the time?

    My breakfast is me taking in a bunch of air, and then I'm full.
  4. ProCoComputerRepairs

    My CPU reached 98 degrees Celsius?

    0.o change the thermal paste maybe. also Make sure the heatsink is not loose. I got 70c with my amd stock cooler, swaped in a Hyper 212 plus and it stayed below 40c
  5. ProCoComputerRepairs


    Yea, the last thing that was tweaked with was the CPU, so it may be the CPU. BUT, before to buy another one check all the basic things if you haven't already 1) Try a different Cable(Which ever one your using for video output) 2) Check to see if your monitor is on the right Input 3) Try a different monitor(your TV if you don't have another monitor)
  6. ProCoComputerRepairs


    Have you tried seeing if you'll get an image with the onboard graphics instead?
  7. ProCoComputerRepairs


    A bad CPU can cause no post, But have you tried checking the ram already, try one stick at a time.
  8. ProCoComputerRepairs

    Computer won't wake from sleep

    Okay, first thank you for reading this Here's the problem, I have a computer I built awhile back, and I re-installed windows 7 on it. I had no problems with this computer before waking from sleep mode, but now since I re-installed windows on it it won't wake from sleep. The power button blinks and blinks. When I go to press the mouse/keyboard, it doesn't wake from it's coma, even if i press the power button it will NOT wake. So in order for me to get it to turn back on, I have to turn the PSU power switch off, and hold the power button on the computer to drain the power, then switch the PSU power switch back on and power it on to get it to come out of sleep mode o.0. Here's what I tried to do so far: 1)Get the latest updated drivers from the motherboard website-(seemed to work, but when I left it in sleep mode for almost an hour, it started again.) 2)checked device manager to see if the mouse and keyboard is allowed to wake computer( it is.) 3)Check bios setting( still the same as before, with my last installation of windows) I've check the power options, but changing some stuff didn't work, If i can't get it to work I'm just gonna disable it in the Registry. Anybody knows how to fix this issue?
  9. ProCoComputerRepairs

    Weird power up issue

    Did you try resetting your bios setting?
  10. ProCoComputerRepairs

    Weird power up issue

    Have you changed any setting in the bios lately?
  11. Great Info, I may turn this into a video
  12. ProCoComputerRepairs

    PC shuts down randomly while playing games.

    Did you update the GPU with the latest drivers?
  13. ProCoComputerRepairs

    The Lightning 350D - [BUILD UPDATE 4/3/14]

    Beautiful, and nice desk
  14. ProCoComputerRepairs

    Gaming PC Build + Video (780 ti, i7-4930k etc..)

    Thank you
  15. ProCoComputerRepairs

    Gaming PC Build + Video (780 ti, i7-4930k etc..)

    Thanks Titan i really appreciate it