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  1. RFM-PC

    Project Frost

    People build their PC's for themselves, not for strangers on an internet forum. The colours he chooses is not up to you, so please refrain from posting about how badly you've had your heart broken by his choice of colours. ty
  2. this is a good troll until you upload pics
  3. wow calm down guys :wacko: Im still fairly new to the forum and its my first time posting in the gaming section, I read that you're allowed to post trading threads? Maybe I read it wrong. Jamdude, are you sure? My friends are telling me that I could still trade it even if I've played it, this is all through steam. my bad if im doing something wrong
  4. Hey guys, I didnt really like DayZ and the FPS is still bad for me so I was wondering if anybody would like to trade me their Rust for my DayZ. And yes I do mean the GAME Rust lol cheers
  5. RFM-PC

    Black S

    Instead of spending money on the watercooling why not get an intel based system with a faster graphics card? Its a better option in the long run dude...
  6. Minecraft uses nothing but CPU power. When I was totally addcited to MC I tested frame rates out vs an FX 4200, FX 6400, Core i3 forgot which model,Core i5 2500K. The better CPU would always give more FPS. GPU and RAM stayed the same ( HD 7770, 8GB 1600Mhz Corsair Dominator). Like suggested above, go with an FX 6300 and drop the graphics card to a GTX 650 if you want to save a bit of money.
  7. RFM-PC

    Miner 2.0

    You're following a guide right? I forgot which website it was but I was just reading like 10 mins ago haha. Good luck mining, hope it works out well for you.
  8. I hope you do some day, everything audio completely changes for you Just be ready to demolish your bank account
  9. No sound card of DAC Motherboard has average onboard audio Logitech speakers Mate, you're far from 'audiophile'.
  10. http://www.tonymacx86.com/318-amd-radeon-hd-7xxx-graphics-support-os-x-10-8-3/comments2.html they work Even if it ends up not working, i can use IGP because i dont need much horsepower. The build is purely for basic programming until i develop my skills. i will look into a mac pro or macbook later on
  11. Hi all Summer holidays are nearing and during that time I want to do something productive. Specifically, I want to develop my programming skills and a good way for me to do this whilst enjoying it is to develop Apps for IOS. The best program to use is XCode, which is an OSX exclusive, so I had my mind set on building a hackintosh as I'm not keen on spending too much just yet. I already have a PC, but it's AMD based so I need to grab an intel CPU and motherboard. Which brings me to the questions, I'll list them out so it's not too confusing: 1- I will be going with a Gigabyte motherboard as it is suggested the most for a hackintosh build. My main question is on the dual BIOS, can I use this feature to setup one BIOS for windows and the other for the OSX? If so, how do I switch between them during boot up? 2- If I cant do that, how do I setup a dual boot config? Is it a good option? I plan on having the Windows OS and Mac OSX on seperate HDD's btw This is what the build will look like CPU: Intel i3 4130 MOBO: Gigabyte (any model that is most suggested) RAM: 8GB of Kingston RAM PSU: 500W Silverstone Strider GPU: AMD Radeon HD7750 (carried over from old PC) HDD1 for Win: 500GB Seagate Barracuda HDD2 for OSX: 500GB Seage Momentus If I missed anything please let me know, thanks a bunch!
  12. you'll be fine even with an FX-4100 dude