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    Czech Republic
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    TF2, Rainbows, Cats, Linus´s wife and did I mentioned TF2? Also chemistry and physics...
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    i5 4670k up to 4,6 Ghz
  • RAM
    kingston hyper x beast 16 GB
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    gigabyte gtx 780 oc´ed to 1267 mhz
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    logitech g602
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    win 10 pro
  1. Maybe, but i´d rather have some fans for... worst case scenario
  2. my gpu and psu both will have zero rpm mode. Cpu cooler should also be inaudible, what I am most concerned about are case fans in bitfenix phenom
  3. Hi everyone, I searched through the internet about two hours but I wasn´t able to find mini-itx 1151 motherboard which´d have zero rpm fan feature. What I mean is... when your temps under certain value, your fans won´t, as soon as they reach that temperature they start to spin. I am going to buy i7 6700, non-k, ddr4 desired, that´s it. Can you plz help me? thx
  4. Though in love with my pc over 2 year I still haven´t come up with name. My 780 was at stock only capable, after aplying overclock +450 on memory and 1267 MHz total on core it became capable. But I am not going to buy any vr headset, university coming, no time for gaming, save me plz
  5. Everyone should have ssd, it makes your system much smoother and snappier. User experience changes totally. I had no ssd in mine pc, it has i5 4670k 4 GHz and gtx 780 inside and windows felt laggy. So I gave it a shot and omg, it is like heaven. Now kids, go out and get your own ssd!
  6. finally found out what nuc is and I´d love to have one at home
  7. I would finally replace my old Pentium 4 3GHz. Rest of the rig is Nvidia 6600Gt, 2Gb of RAM and 120B hd and 350w psu :-D I am not joking, although my parents are both hardworking people, we simply cannot afford new pc. Although it's nine-year-old machine I am still able to dominate most of those people with high-tech PCs in TF2. It's probably easier to aim with resolution of 800*640 :-D :-D :-D