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  1. I can't find a RUU for my phone's model, I haven't spent too much time looking because I don't know if it would work even though the computer isn't seeing my HTC when it's plugged in. Would it? If it would, I would defiantly look a lot harder for it.
  2. Okay so I love my HTC One but..... A while ago out of the blue, It started acting funny. The operating system (Android Revolution at the time) started to stop working. I'd never had any troubles with Android Revolution until then. So I decided to re flash the OS, which was a really bad idea. I made a TWRP backup before I started anything, like I usually do. I was planning on doing a full system wipe for a clean install so I needed to move the backup off the device. That's when I found out that the USB wasn't working so I ended up moving the backup via wifi. So I gave the phone a full wipe and started installing my OS again (A newer version of Android Revolution). It definitely wasn't corrupt, I checked the Md5 sum. From there it refused to install so I gave up gave it all another wipe and I tried to put the old backup back on but I couldn't. That's where I'm at now and have been the last month or two. Current State: Able to access bootloader and recovery only Nothing on the device's storage Only Charging while off Not recognized by my computer (ADB and Fastboot) Not able to mount USB OTG in TWRP Not able to mount system in TWRP What I have Tried: Different USBs Just about every different driver I can find Different ADB and Fastboot versions Different computers Device Information: M7_UL S-ON HBOOT-1.56.0000 RADIO-4A.17.3250.14 OpenDSP-v32.120.274.0909 Recovery - TWRP v2.6.3.3 I've been looking all over the internet for a solution but I can't find anything to help me fix this.
  3. Badass multi-tasking time with all dem cores and gigahertz goodness :lol: :lol: