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  1. I don't usually use adblockers because I generally feel that most sites deserve the ad revenue, and it's not fair for me to block the ads (though I don't want this to turn into a debate on adblockers - that is just an aside). However, I just got this ad on skype: Worse than just the content of the ad though was that it was flashing and animated. I can tolerate a lot of ads, but I refuse to have flashing animated ads at the top of my skype client. I am therefore looking for a way to block ads on skype. Note that I am using the most recent version of skype (unfortunately; v7.0.80.102), so most of the previous solutions don't work. I have tried adding apps.skype.com to the restricted sites section in the Internet Options dialog, but I still seem to be getting ads (the ad showing at the moment is nowhere near as bad, but I don't trust it). If anyone has any suggestions for an adblocker that works with the latest version of skype, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks