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  1. Oh you are correct, there was no indication whatsoever that there is a layer of film covering the screen, nor was I aware that they do that. This was the first time I've bought a laptop screen like this. It was quite difficult to get it off. Thanks for suggesting this. I'll be more wise next time.
  2. Hello, I recently bought a replacement screen for my laptop and it seems to have a product number or something etched into the screen. I can't seem to be able to even lightly scratch it ( bad idea anyway I know) or anything, thus making me believe that it is maybe inside or something similar. I tried to find if there is even anything remotely similar to this issue but I couldn't find anything off from google. Thanks in advance if anybody knows what this could be and if it could be fixed. Link to the picture to describe my issue - http://imgur.com/elhNaCu
  3. I'll start right off at my problem. I bought a Corsair CX500M power supply and a GTX750ti video card to upgrade what I have at the moment and eventually would purchase the rest of the pieces. My current PC is something that I got from work, it's a HP elite 8300 desktop-something, the inside is not 100% like the one here but it gives a pretty good estimate on what mine looks like. So what is the issue? To my huge surprise, there is no 24-pin connector inside it. Something that is very new to me, even though watching Linus for years now. There is only a 8- and 6-pin connector on the motherboard. so my question is, if I could safely use the corsair 500W PSU and from there connect a 8 and 6 pin to the board and also add the GTX750ti to it. Or would that perhaps damage anything. Also I assume I would have to short out the 24pin to get it to turn on. My assumption is that the board was never built to withstand any powerful components? Anyhow, thank you for reading my problem, cheers!
  4. I must say that this thing is old....waaaaay oooold. :D So don't expect to get one for your gaming rig. :P I noticed that the board itself is matt black but the lines on it are glossy purple or something like that. If someone could enlighten me on what slot is the lowest one then that would be nice.
  5. I have a motherboard with purple PCB, tho it's kind of a dark purple, perhaps even bit brown- or red-like. If you want, I could make a picture of it.
  6. I would want to be famous for making computer games, which I am already striving for, I like the idea of entertaining people, tho I am not that good at doing that in real life so I guess that is my alternative. Make really good games...unlike EA. ( I just had to try it out to see how it feels to say it. )
  7. Actually mine is quite a weird one for a lot of people but I am afraid of going to clubs and even some concerts, some I truly enjoy but other concerts just disturb me to the point where I just can't stand it. With clubs I guess the main reason is the amount of people that are in there in, like I guess you really have to make your way through the crowd to get somewhere. Also the fear of somebody slipping something in your drink and at least here in Estonia there have been cases where someone just pokes you with a needle in a club which has HIV blood in it and thus infecting you. With concerts tho I guess it's the high sound. I really enjoyed the Queen concert, but there was a metalhead concert and the high volume guitar sounds just bothered me so much, even tho I listen to that kind of music a lot.
  8. How are you feeling about the AOC monitor? I thought I might also go with AOC but I didn't think much of them, looking for monitors for a new build. So what do you think about it?
  9. Of course, depending on how detailed you want something, there is always a possibility to make a 3d model of it using blender for example, a open source program. A case is quite a simple thing to make but not really sure if there is a reason to learn something like that for just a simple blueprint. Tho you could get some things insanely detailed.
  10. Might be just me, but your table seems to be quite a bit under the stress. Nice build tho. Nice job!
  11. This made me a fan of the 800D. Looks really nice, good job!
  12. Usually NVIDIA and AMD just make the gpu-s, then the 3d party manufacturer makes the pcb and the rest of things. Sometimes the cards do have same VRM, if the card is a reference design, as in designed by NVIDIA or AMD. This was never more evident than with the 570 where the reference VRM was rather weak and there was a rash of fried boards when users overclocked them. The later non-reference designs, at least some of them, solved this problem, modified PCB's with beefed up VRM's. So no they are not the same.
  13. Just in time to be upgrading from a 6 year old laptop and not having a desktop pc. Ha. :P Other than that, looking forward to the new boards. Been wondering if you could fit the tuf armor on another board, I personally don't like the color scheme on their tuf motherboards.
  14. I own a ps1 and ps2. Got the first one as a christmas gift, times where internet was not available. And the ps2 my step-father brought from his old place, tho it does not play dvd-s. Such a shame.
  15. I read all the license and agreement info.