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  1. It's been 5 days since I troubleshooted and I'm coming back to say that replacing the power supply with my friend's did not solve the problem, very very unfortunate;( My guess is that the motherboard is dead, but I'm desperately hoping there is still something I can do. @Carl2608
  2. hm, im going to see if I can borrow someones, thanks. what a hassle
  3. don't have another gpu anymore no. How do i check for the psu?
  4. FX8320, AM3+ Just tried removing and cleaning cmos, didn work.
  5. is it safe to boot without gpu(or even possible)? What if it does boot up now, should I plug in components one by one see which ones the problem?
  6. - After unplugging the psu cables, I noticed the pins were a bit moist, but not that wet or soaked. I don't know if water actually went inside, if it did, it was not too much. - What fan? It went a bit through the gpu fan. It did not go through the psu fan no. - I don't actually know if the pc was on sleep, or shut off the night before. so you are thinking the mobo is dead?
  7. Today's a sad day. Yesterday a plant fell on my desktop pc, and it spilled dirt on the grid on top of my pc. It dripped down to the gpu, and partially on the motherboard and psu. I noticed this 2 hours later and took out the components, let them dry(wasn much to dry). I left the components to dry for about 20 hours. Next day, today, I assembled it and booted it up. For about 3 seconds, it seems like it boots up, fans make noise, nothing shows onscreen, and then it shuts off again. The motherboard has a red light, I don't know if that means anything(don't know if it used to be there). I'm not really sure what to do, what part would be damaged(if any)? Help would be greaaat. I can post a video of the 3 second boot if needed, and do ask if you need more info to help, thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, Network setup: A modem connected to a router. 2 PC's connected to the router. Problem: When one of the pc's is having a high bandwith(too inconsistent to test, from around 2mb/s, but also happens at 500kb/s) the connection of the router dies. It's dead for ~5 minutes, and comes back automatically after. It doesn't occur over WiFi, solely with pc's connected with ethernet cables. The modem is fine, it's just the router that does this. Sollution? I could buy a new router, but that might not be the only problem. I wanted to try my chances trying to fix it before I do so. So what can I do? I'm lacking networking knowledge, so tell me if I have to like, run a software to show my internet behaviour or something. Thanks.
  9. LG GW300 Iphone 4s Samsung Galaxy S3 Moto G (1st gen) Nexus 5 black Nexus 5 white Iphone 4s/moto G (Nexus 5 broke, used iphone for calling, moto for other things, it's sim tray broke) Oneplus one The golden once are the once I hyped for the most. I waited so long for that Iphone 4s, I jailbroke it and spent so much time on it. This was about 4 years ago though. The oneplus one came a week ago, and I was really excited about it. It's an amazing phone.
  10. As far as I know there was only an event or something like that. I got them couple hours ago, so it'd be weird if an invite isn't needed permanently.
  11. I want to thank @terere93 for giving me an invite. With that being said, I want to give 2 invites back to this community: https://account.oneplus.net/invite/claim/GLZL-KAFC-I7K1-TUDG And https://account.oneplus.net/invite/claim/GLOS-XSLY-WOJX-DVKG
  12. It will, but I assume it's almost impossible to get because of the invite system. It's almost been a year and it's still not THAT easy to get one.
  13. Yeah even if I wanted, the 16gig would be hard to get. Got the 64 now though:) That's indeed their selling strategy, if you want more you have to go all the way, else the 64 gig wouldn't even sell because everyone would buy the 32 indeed. Thank you for this!!! If you ever need an invite for a friend or something tell me!
  14. So does anyone know if it's smart to wait until they ship it with the OxOS, or buy it now and flash it with the OxOS later on? I don't mine installing roms, but I feel like it's better to have the OxygenOS as the stock instead of the ROM.