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    Will probably recommend the OPO
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    Tech, Android, Web-related Computer Code (HTML5, CSS etc.), computers in general.
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    I'm a tech nerd who used to be an Apple fanboy, but now owns a OnePlus One. I'm a grammar Nazi and a minimalist, if it matters. I also rather like Google, Evernote Market products and the Joy of Tech, but dislike paranoid, privacy-concerned people who think the NSA, CIA and FBI would devote precious time, money and resources to spy on them/read their Facebook/look at their selfies, ppl who cant speel and Fox News (even though I'm a Christian, their apparent target audience).
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    Web designer


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    Intel i5-4690K
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    Gigabyte Z97N-WiFi Mini-ITX
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    Kingston Savage 8GB 1866MHz
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    Intel Integrated Graphics 4600
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    Fractal Design Node 304, Black
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    256GB Sandisk Ultra Plus SSD/1TB WD Caviar Blue HDD
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    Corsair RM450
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    Acer 24" 1080P Monitor
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    Whatever comes with my CPU and Case
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    Corsair Vengeance K70, Cherry MX Blue switches
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    Logitech T650
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    AmazonBasics USB-Powered Speakers
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    Windows 8.1 Pro for Students
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  1. I flashed BlissPop and I'm loving it. Only problem is that MS Office Mobile and Amazon Shopping aren't updated to support 5.1.1, but I can live without them.
  2. I cleared everything but my internal storage. I'll probably flash a CM12.1 nightly (required for BlissPop 5.1 to work anyway), see how I like that, and if I feel I want the extra BlissPop features (I really like DPI changer, for example) I'll flash that later. Apparently CM12.1 makes the OPO like a whole new phone...
  3. 1399 Malaysian Ringgits = ~$385USD, or about the current MSRP of a GTX 970 in the US.
  4. Trusted Face (née Face Unlock) is a stock feature of every Android device I've ever used, including my friend's Motorola craphone running 4.2, two Galaxy S4's and an S3 of people I know (Samsung also makes you speak a phrase), an LG Pulse running 4.4, an even OLDER Motorola Craphone running 4.1/2 (can't remember) and my OPO with CM11S.
  5. So, I flashed OxygenOS last week, then got fed up with how it's missing some features that even the Nexus 6 has (like Trusted Face). I reverted back to CM12S today, but I've had more app crashes and visual glitches in the last half an hour than I did in my entire week with Oxygen (sadly, this is normal to CM, at least in my experience). I'm new to the whole ROM thing, but I'm confident in my ability to flash them. I'm looking for a highly customizable but smooth and stable Lollipop ROM. (preferably 5.1, but 5.0.2 is good too) Is there one? I'm looking at Blisspop, is that any good?
  6. Don't read comics Hardly ever watch videos on anything but my 16:9 monitor, plus 16:10 still has letterboxing. I find a lot of sites that I read are wide (e.g. the Verge, Ars, Engadget, Android Central) 4:3 is more immersive for games IMO. Mine too. The aspect ratio is the only thing I really like about my iPad.
  7. Wait, 30 days is normal battery life for a regular watch? I'm sticking with my Cognac Moto 360, thank you very much. I care about every sensor in my Moto 360. I bought it to do 3 things: 1) regular watch stuff (tell time, set timers, alarms, look nice) 2) sync with my phone (notifications, voice stuff, navigation, calls/texts etc) 3) track my fitness (heart rate, steps etc) I didn't get the Sony Smartwatch 3 because it doesn't have a freaking heart rate sensor in a sport watch. (well, and it's downright ugly, too big, doesn't have Gorilla Glass 3 and was $250 rather than
  8. Techteen14

    Oneplus Lite

    I have my fingers crossed that there will be some kind of upgrade program for previous OPO owners. (i.e. pay the difference for the new model, if the 2 is $400 and you have the $350 OPO, you give them your OPO and $50 and get a OPT)
  9. I hate widescreen. Though 3:2 is preferable to 4:3, I'd take 4:3 over 16:X anyday. Although, 90% of my media consumption is reading, whether it's in Chrome, Flipboard or Google Play Books/Kindle/Nook. 3:2 would be better for reading landscape National Geographic in Google Play Books, but the only 3:2 tablets I can find are the Surfaces.
  10. PLEASE tell me you were trying to say "generally". On topic, oh gosh, not another reason to get the Nexus 9 I really want but REALLY don't need or have money for...
  11. The 360 tells time, monitors heart rate and steps (Moto Body) without an Android phone. BUT you need an Android phone to set it up in the first place.
  12. I believe that this is the first time in my life something on the Internet has made my jaw literally drop. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. It seems you can't even STAND UP FOR PEOPLE who are being VERBALLY ASSAULTED anymore without being racist.
  13. A www.androidcentral.com Google Chrome, I read a lot of mobile technology articles.
  14. Hitler was influential too, that doesn't mean he was good. I'm not likening someone who takes something usually good (feminism/equal rights) WAAAAAAAAAAY to far to a man who murdered millions of innocents, I'm just trying to say that "influential" is not a synonym for "good". Another thought: you people freaking out about this is what makes her MORE influential- she's influencing your right now. Another thought: So someone you don't agree with being put on a completely arbitrary list in a magazine 99% of this forum (including myself, I'm a Nat Geo type of guy) doesn't regularly read ma
  15. I'll have to try those out next time I need a new keyboard. I mostly use word processors, but as a veteran touchscreen typer (I used an iPad as my main computer for 2 years, not fun) I find the blues take a bit more force than I'm used to to press down.