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  • CPU
    Core i3 4150
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA-G1 Sniper Z97
  • RAM
    G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz
  • GPU
    GTX 750Ti
  • Case
    Corsair Obsidian 450D
  • Storage
    WD Blue 1TB 7200 RPM HDD
  • PSU
    Seasonic X-Series 750W 80+ Gold PSU
  • Display(s)
    A Dell Monitor and one that I don't know the name of
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212 Evo
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K65 RGB
  • Mouse
    GE Optical mouse
  • Sound
    Gigaware 16W 2.1 Multimedia Speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  1. TDP is determined by the power consumption; the TDP is probably about 90-95% of the power draw of a component. EDIT: I added ten percent to what I got earlier and it is still only ~98% of the maximum output of the PSU, although... it is 98% of the PSU output. I think I'll upgrade to the 850W... how is this PSU? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817438034&cm_re=850W_psu-_-17-438-034-_-Product
  2. Thanks! EDIT: I just did some math and the total possible power draw with all three components based on their TDP (I know it's not that accurate but still) is 688W which is 91.7% of the total amount of power my PSU can deliver, and I doubt I'll use 100% of all three just gaming, thanks for the answers everyone! I still might upgrade to at least an 800W PSU just for the safety margin, though. EDIT: I'll probably measure the power usage from the wall while all three components are at 100% (When/if I upgrade) and if it's too high I'll upgrade my PSU.
  3. The 7950's have a TDP of 200W and the 290X's have a TDP of 300W so if we add the two hundred extra watts then it's 750Ws
  4. The title is fairly explanatory. I have a 750W Seasonic X-series 80+Gold PSU and I want to know it if is safe to use with two R9 290X's and a Core i7 4790K.
  5. I remember someone telling me about how hard drives (apparently) do all the processing in a computer. He was basically trying to say that a hard drive was a CPU... I just went along with it and laughed later. Funniest thing ever.
  6. Well I think that's a part of it but it's not in fanless mode so it doesn't feel like it should get this hot with such a small load. (The fan curve starts at 40% speed).
  7. The ambient temperature of the room is about 30C. The PSU feels like it gets quite warm on top. About 40-50C. I don't really only feel worried about the temperature, I feel worried about the temperature with such a low load relative to it's maximum power output. Especially since it's not in fanless mode.
  8. I built my computer a few months ago and the PSU, a Seasonic 750W X-Series 80+ Gold Certified PSU, ran very cold. It made almost no heat. Now when my computer is running even at idle, the PSU kicks out quite a bit of heat. Do I have an early failure or is this normal? I have a core i3-4150 and a GTX750Ti. So the theoretical maximum load is around 110W plus a hard drive, RAM (draws about 6W) and fans. So yeah, my main question is, is the PSU acting normal or did something happen to make it fail or is it just a bad unit?
  9. No, the internet drops whenever I run an installer so it's really hard to install anything, especially adobe products. I also have to wait for the internet to start working for a few minutes to an hour after I reboot my computer.
  10. Nevermind, it turns out whenever an installer or launcher accesses the internet it drops the connection.
  11. I've found two programs causing issues: Minecraft Launcher drops the internet connection for a few seconds to a minute, and Skype drops the internet as long as it is running, and for a couple hours after it's been quit.
  12. Sometimes I can, but most times I can't.