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    Brookline Ma
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    Building Gaming Rigs, Tattoos. Bikes .Gadgets
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    Tattoo Artist
  1. Ta2r0b

    Leather Moto X

    I've got the AT&T Black on Black Leather 2nd Gen X and its holding up really nice and I don't baby my phones...front pocket, back pocket, back pack, dirty subway with no case and it looks better than when I got it (then again I'm a dirty biker who likes distressed leather) but still nice Phone and leather is a good option. imho
  2. Ta2r0b

    Best phone for 500$

    I've had HTC one m7, Samsung Gal S4 and Nexus 5 and right now Moto X 2nd Gen. This phone surpassed all my expectations (even with the AT&T bloatware) :angry: The price for what I have has family members and friends buying them...If I could do it over again I would most definitely get the Pure Edition and avoid all the useless Bloatware that AT&T,Verizon and so on Love to jam on their phones...But still best phone so far for me for the price