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Everything posted by Henoob

  1. Henoob

    Cherry MX Mechanical Switch Guide

    Actuation types for all of the Cherry MX key switches.
  2. Henoob

    What to do with IDE drives?

    I took mine apart and got the platters and now I have 2 cup coasters which are the platters.
  3. I will be joining the team with a few more systems.
  4. Henoob

    [MERGED] Career?!

    I am just about to start an it administrator apprenticeship, it is for a year and I am really looking forward to it as it is my first full time job and working in a professional work environment.
  5. Henoob

    What did you do with your first computer?

    What I did with the first computer I built was run an apache server whilst I learnt php to host my webpage and to run fold at home as the apache server didn't need a whole lot of power as I was hosting privately.
  6. Henoob

    Which company do you buy your hardware from?

    Here in the UK I use Ebuyer/Amazon/Overclockers. They all offer different prices for different products so it helps me financially. :)
  7. Henoob

    What is the meaning behind your username?

    My name is Henry and my friends call me Henoob as a nick name "Hen" short for Henry and Noob for Noob. :)
  8. Henoob

    If you had to choose?

    The Xbox 360 finally has a web-browser with one of the latest updates.
  9. Henoob

    Nexus Tablets Thread

    I had a wifi issue with my nexus 7 where it would not connect to a DHCP connection so now every time i reconnect to my home network i need to enter a static IP. But other than that i am very impressed.