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  1. Okay so I will be building a pc in a few days and can anyone tell me which mobo would be better in the long run? I wont be doing any oc and both these mobos are the same price where I’m from msi b450 tomahawk max has a 32mb bios as opposed to asrock b450 steel legend having only 16mb I personally like the msi mobos but i read on a thread that msi mobos aren’t really reliable ?!!? This is my first ever pc build so ples help T_T
  2. okay couldn't find any bad sectors, hopefully I'm good for now.
  3. almost done with my bad sector check, couldn't find any yet! I'm confused, too broke to buy a new one, so will sit it out lets see :3
  4. I just checked my laptop hdd with hd tune pro, and there are two warning one of them being reallocated sector count and the other one being reallocated event count. Can someone please explain how to fix this?
  5. I'm hopefully getting a pc on 1st week of Feb with an skylake i5 6500, and wanted to get a Sapphire nitro R9 380x 4gb card, but a lot of people are saying to wait for Pascal or Polaris, now with the new GDDR5X released with double the bandwidth of gddr5 should I wait for it? Can i5's integrated gfx run games like cs go? And when is the new gpu lineup coming? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks all, now about the language a lot of people suggested me java for obvious reasons. That's why I decided to learn java first, C is too complicated for me atm, from what I hear.
  7. I do want to be able to make android apps in the future I guess.
  8. For now I'm thinking java would be best as a beginner language and then python or php
  9. I don't wanna get linux for now I'm more of an gui user.
  10. I'm currently in my A levels and was thinking of building a pc with around $800 but in Quora I found an article saying that for programming mac would be best. Now I'm confused, I might be able to get a Macbook air at my budget but not sure what to get. I really don't know any programming and wanna take computer science in my university so wanted to get a head start in programming. So now what to get? Mac or Windows?
  11. I want to replace my 5 year old laptop, and this would be the perfect badboy to replace it as I have very limited space on my study table.
  12. 960 is listed at $270, I don't get it. smh