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    Learning to get into YouTube. QuickTech. Might change the name :P
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    Few upgraded computer. 1060 6G
    i5 4th gen. Not bad.
    Secondhand,.. so little do I know, that the computer I bought is HWID on EAC :(
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    Student in APU Malaysia


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    i3 3240 Ivy Bridge 3.4Hz
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    H-61 Asus
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    GT-210 Asus 1GB
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    1Tb Seagate
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    LG 21" 768p
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    Fan integrated cooling
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    Windows 8.1 Pro
  1. Alright, guys. I think imma take the eGPU route. Thank you for answering this topic! cheers!
  2. I mostly play Apex Legends now, others like borderlands and what not im going to bootcamp my macbook You are not wrong Yeah, good point. I know it’ll work under bootcamp. Thing is, i just am not sure if the experience will be far different from a PC I guess so, thank you
  3. Damn,totally forgot to tell you.. i play games on Windows.. so naturally, Bootcamp..
  4. Hello there! Thanks for taking your time reading this So, I'm going to Malaysia (I'm Indonesian) for higher studies. I've recently bought a Macbook Pro 2018 13" The reason I bought the Macbook is that I love to play music. I use Mainstage 3 and also Logic Pro. They're just my hobbies. Been playing games since the last time I could remember, and in Indonesia, I play on my PC. Since I won't be bringing my PC to Malaysia I was thinking of buying a new PC there. Although I think it'll take me some time since it's pricey (I can't really work with super cheap PC. HAHA) Since buying a new PC would be expensive. I thought of buying eGPU for my Macbook Pro along with some peripherals and maybe a monitor to play in my dorm (and, thing i hate most about macbook, I also have to buy new drives for it) What do you guys think? Should I buy eGPU, drives, monitor, peripherals to play on my Macbook Pro OR, save some money and wait till I can buy a full PC. Which is worth it? Anyway, I don't think I'll be able to bring my PC (if i decide to buy one) back to Indonesia. Not sure though about the rules with airlines. Thanks!
  5. Smart Switch, definitely! Oh yeah! Currently using the iPhone 5s, wanted to change to android, but didn't know there is something called Smart Switch.. And yeah, tbh. I need them to transfer all the selfies I have, haha. Thanks.
  6. You know what, Nick... I would like you all.. and your friends at Intel to be my Santa for this year!! Thank you!
  7. Well, I would by an X99 from ASUS.. and save a little for ddr4 ram.. I currently use a i5 proccessor.. for Photoshopping, video editing.. I just opened my shop in Indonesia about 3 months ago, and my rig is on low specs... :P haha no money. Since I got the news from you... the x99 board E-Haswell chip.. I saved some money to buy it.. Now, from all of my pocket, I can only buy an X99 board and maybe... 8gbs of ddr4.. maybe. I want to get more so I can get the i7 5820K and more ram.. at least 16 gbs.. :3 And my graphic card, though.. I'm using an 780ti.. maybe I can sell that to buy 980/970.. Single.. can't afford sli.. Haha, if I save, save save.... I need at least 4/5 months, because the salary here is low.... hahahaha and those boards are pretty darn expensive Thank you, bro. Love your videos. I would love to get the heart of the motherboard you're giving. hehe.. thanks!!1 (I never join/post anything in this site.. I only watch your videos.) Merry Christmas!