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  1. This is what I got because I didn't have enough to spend on an at2020. I'd say the quality is just about the same as the 2020. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004QJREXM/
  2. Hi all, I been researching this project for a while and just cant get anywhere. I currently have a website hosted on my windows server box which has a couple HTML 5 videos on it. I was wondering if there was any way that I could sync playback controls to multiple users on the website. For instance when one person presses play, it plays for everyone else on the website at the exact same time. Do you guys have any idea on how I could get this to work? Thanks for help in advance. I'm looking for something similar to http://sync-video.com/ but with videos that I host and own instead of some YouTube video.
  3. I've reinstalled windows and the issue still persists. Every time I've tried to install drivers its been through windows and not actually downloading it from the manufactures website. When I first installed the card, I noticed that the previous card only had one antenna connection, and the new card had two. I am just wondering if that could have anything to do with it, because I only connected one of the antennas.
  4. https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/How_can_I_monitor_bandwidth_usage
  5. I was considering reinstalling windows on it.
  6. Okay, so I got tired of the absolutely slow speed of the built in network card in my laptop and replaced it with an Intel 3160 Dual Band AC card. For some reason windows finds it, but I can't turn on the wireless and find a wireless network. Any ideas?
  7. To monitor on the pfsense router you'd have to use the built in tools, but there is a program called GlassWire that can be used to monitor your systems traffic. I would look into if there are any packages available within pfsense that can do what you're looking for.
  8. So I have some hot-swap sas drive bays. They're 2.5" inch. I bought 3.5" sas drives. Any idea on how to hook them up? There is extension cables, but they're ~$10 a piece, and I need six. I don't really feel like spending more on cables than the drives. Any other ideas? I tried taking the back plane out but the drives are still too close together...
  9. Good idea, I'll look more into some of these.
  10. Okay so I accidentally bought some 3.5" sas drives and my server has 2.5" bays. I was thinking about just taking the backplane out and connecting them, any other ideas?
  11. I setup an FTP server on my local network. My friends can connect with my external IP address, but I'm not able to connect with the external IP address or the local address of the server. The server is running on a different machine, so for instance the local address I am using isn't localhost, but
  12. My buddy bought the game on disk and want to play on PC, but the games doesn't show up on his Microsoft Store library. Can someone help?
  13. I really like the Hyper X Cloud Headset. Everyone I talk to says the mic is great and the audio quality is similar to $100 headphones I own.
  14. I find domain a little overkill for what I do, but after you have it set up its pretty easy to use. The problem is that you have to buy Windows server to host domain. The homegroup does the same job and easier (also cheaper)
  15. Do you have a cpu cooler, the 6600k doesn't come with one included.
  16. I would say reset the cmos, but considering you've already done that I'd have to recommend trying to reinstall the CPU and trying the GPU in another computer.
  17. I'm broke, and I don't feel like paying for these cars, why are they costing me money and others its free.