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  1. I want to buy the counter strike complete bundle. if I buy it, I already ave csgo, will it allow me to gift the extra copy of csgo to someone else, or a different account, at a later date?
  2. I have an issue in csgo where if i miss my first shot i just hold down my mouse and keep spraying. Is there a way to make it so one mouse click, even if held down, only registers one shot, so i have to click again for a second shot?
  3. jdmilion

    how do i sell my game on g2a

    :'( but i need munnyz
  4. jdmilion

    how do i sell my game on g2a

    i want to sell fallout4 on g2a, as i did not find the game that fun. and probably wont play it again. but i cant find any good tutorials on how to do this. and i just want to sell it. i need the money to register myself and my team for ESEA cs:go season 21. i dont know how to get the CD key or any of that. pleaaaaase help
  5. jdmilion

    does linus still have a buisness email to contact?

    dang, good point.
  6. jdmilion

    does linus still have a buisness email to contact?

    i did but i only found info and sales emails.
  7. does he still have a buisness email?
  8. jdmilion

    capture card or cooler?

    hell yeah. same kind of cores as a 4790k which have hit 5gHz before.
  9. i was wondeing if it would make my stream better if i were to buy a capture card and stream with my laptop and game on my desktop (dual pc streaming setup) or to buy a new cooler for my CPU and overclock it around 4.7-5gHz. i use the veryfast preset right now, and i was wondering which i would be able to encode slower with. cpu in desktop is g3258 if i was to dual stream it would use an i5-2450m dual core to stream. based on benchmarks the g3258 shits on the 2450m because the g3258 has 60% faster cores.
  10. jdmilion

    overclocking to stream better

    but will it help me to encode slower when i overclock? i thought that bennifeted from more cores rather than core speed. thats why i was asking cuz i wasnt sure
  11. jdmilion

    overclocking to stream better

    i have a ASROCK z-97 extreme 4 and a hyper212 evo but i could get a better cooler if needed
  12. i have a g3258 at 4.0ghz if i was to overclock that even higher to like 4.7-5 ghz would it be able to encode the stream at a slower rate? i use OBS and i use the veryfast preset
  13. jdmilion

    Best capture card for Dual PC stream setup?

    i want to stream, not record.