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  1. Depends. The heatsink might get hotter than the caps themselves because of the VRM/other components. You might end up driving their temps higher. Caps don't really generate too much heat, I would think that passive cooling with residual airflow over them and no transfer medium is more than sufficient. You'll need a probe and test before/after for a definitive answer.
  2. Three GPUs and all mysteriously have problems? Sorry, but to me, this looks like something the customer is doing isn't right. It's beyond unlucky for anything like this to happen.
  3. Are you over-tightning the screws when putting in the block? I would reseat the CPU to begin with.
  4. You can apply a small electrical tape on the LED to dim it or completely remove the light. You can also use a small blob of non conductive black adhesive/goo/whatever.
  5. 404 not found when it tries to display the emoji image file.
  6. Swap the MB for something else if you're really annoyed by the issue.
  7. This honestly makes me think there is an issue with this particular MB's model with the ASMEDIA controller.
  8. Your setup seems all fine to me. So that's probably the maximum speed you'll achieve. EDIT: I have made some online searches and some mention a 300MB/s~ limit on SATA3 when using ASMEDIA controllers. So yep. EDIT2: Some reference the ASMEDIA ports supporting 400MB/s max, maybe a MB difference?
  9. There is your problem; ASMEDIA. They do not allow for the regular full performance of Intel controller. Refer to manual.
  10. Use a freight forwarder if you still have no luck shipping it to you. They usually only charge a small additional shipping fee; if it's discounted on amazon and you get it from there it will then balance out and you'd still be making a profit.
  11. RIP. Backup (while you can) and trash the drive. Don't mess with faulty storage and save yourself the headache.
  12. You can just set it to chkdsk /f /r C: For now.
  13. That will run a disk/file system check and repair any errors if found. I believe when rebooting it will give you a grace period to cancel the check on a drive if you want by clicking any key, so you can run the check on the system drive and skip the game drive. Might as well let it do both though.