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  1. So what you say is that i shouldn't bother with undervolting. But what do you suggest i should do in order to fix thermal and power limit throttling?
  2. Thanks for answering. What exactly does that mean, "7700HQ is power starved and no amount of undercoating can fix that"?
  3. Hello. This is all on a laptop. So I did a benchmark with Intel XTU and I observed that power limit throttling occurred. I've had throttling, both temperature and power limit, problems in the past (and still have) but only when my package temperature reached like 90+ celsius. Now my package temperature was at ~75 celsius. Now I don't know if that is normal. I'll put the system specs and the undervolting settings that I've been using for a while. Could somebody help me? Thanks in advance. Undervolting: Core voltage offset & cache voltage offset: -0.130 V Turbo boost short power max: enabled & 25.00 W The rest is at default
  4. Undervolted the GPU too. It shows great improvements but at times it still thermal throttles. Now the next thing to do might be repasting, but I'll see to that. Anyway, thank you very much for everything!!!
  5. How exactly do i undervolt my GPU with MSI Afterburner? "Core Voltage" slide is just black and I can't increase it or decrease it.
  6. I undervolted my CPU and disabled turbo boost, with Intel XTU. It shows improvements but it's still thermal throttling. Edit: I just did a stress test with Intel XTU. CPU Utilization was at 100% but the temperature never exceeded 86 celsius and while gaming my CPU was never above ~~50-60% but it was thermal throttling. I don't know if this is normal or not. Maybe I should try undervolting my GPU (keep in mind that my GPU never exceeds 80 celsius)?
  7. Well, i don't think my CPU temps are okay. While playing Overwatch it reaches even 96 celsius. Nonetheless, I'll try those things and thanks for everything so far.
  8. Well according to msi afterburner yes, it stays at 3.4GHz. Also I don't see any thermal throttling row for my gpu but Performance Limit - Termal, Performance Limit - Reliability Voltage, Performance Limit - Utilization all turned from No to Yes
  9. For core 0,1,2 (except 3) thermal throttling turned to "Yes", also "Package/Ring Thermal Throttling" turned to "Yes", but only for about 10 seconds, then it was back to normal.
  10. CPU clock seems to remain stable at around 3400MHz, no matter the temperature, but when the drops occur, the GPU clock goes from ~1500-1600MHz to 1100-1000-900-800MHz, even if the temperature remains stable at 79 celsius.
  11. Hello. I've had an Asus laptop (Asus VivoBook Pro 15 N580VD, I'll put the system specs below) since october 2018 and in the last two months or so I've noticed regular and sudden FPS drops in any game I play. While playing Overwatch on high settings and full hd resolution I noticed the following things: sudden drops from 60fps to 20-30fps GPU temperature constant at 79 celsius , usage at 99% CPU temperature fluctuates regularly between 75-85 celsius and usage at 20-25% Battery settings are set to "High performance" and graphic card settings to adaptive. I've searched all around the internet and couldn't find a fix or at least the cause of my problem. Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance. SystemSpecs.txt
  12. So...I was booting my PC after it was shuted down for a hour or so, and i get a blackscreen with only the cursor. I used and still using Win 8.1 64bit for 6 months and never had that problem. I was able to do a system recovert and now it works fine , but i want to know: what caused this and how to prevent it from happening in the future? Thanks in advance.
  13. I installed yesterday some beta drivers for my graphic card (Radeon R9 270x). This might be it.