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  1. Thank you so much for the constructive answer. I think it's very likely that my bios is corrupted. I just rma both my CPU and mobo back to newegg for a replacement just in case. Hopefully the request gets authorized because I just ordered the parts less than a week ago. By the way, do you guys know how strictly is newegg when it comes to return/replacement? I'm missing a few screws in my mobo box, that shouldn't hurt anything right?
  2. Hi everyone, So I've completed my new build for about a week, everything was running great: no overheating, everything is cool and smooth. And ... I decided to overclock it today (I currently own a new I9 9900k). So I was following some youtube tutorial to attempt to overclock my new CPU to 5.0ghz, just to see how lucky I am with this new CPU (If I remember correctly, I set my vcore to 1.350v). After I click save&exit, the PC fails to boot again. Fans and CPU cooler would be turned on for about 10 secs and the system would reboot again ( NO I/O ) CPU debug LED is solid red. I've tried reseting the bios using CMOS jumper and removing the battery method but none of those works. Do you guys think that I accidentally fried my CPU? I wasn't able to test out the new settings at all so I think this is unlikely. Maybe my PSU is failing? I have had this PSU for about 4+ years ( from my old build). I didn't get a new one because I was thinking 650w would probably enough for an RTX 2080ti and a i9 9900k. I've ordered a new 850w PSU and it is on its way. In the meantime, how do I go about ruling out that my mobo and my CPU aren't dead? Thanks System specs: 16gb ram 3200 Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro i9-9900k RTX 2080ti Rosewill 650w PSU 80+ Gold Cert (I have had this about 4+ years)
  3. The Extreme edition looks pretty damn cool. I like how Zotac has improved in their card design