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  1. When attempting to access with the Ubuntu Server I get "failed to retrieve share list from server: no route to host"
  2. Everything is set to browse able....I even noticed some paths were off (just /home/user/ as opposed to /home/actualusername/ so adjusted those. Still no dice.
  3. I made them per the article. There's one 'caleb' in place of 'josh' (from the tutorial) and then sadmin which they said to make too
  4. I did set up users per the instructions and there's a folder containting them..unless I did something else wrong? Secondly I tried the smb://SAMBABOOK/ on the hosting computer and it said connection refused. While doing that I noticed it showed itself under the networks tab and I tried that way, same results. So it can even connect/see its own shares?
  5. Can't find anything that just straight up says "Mac os 10.13.3 supports smb3" however there are a few threads discussing configuring smb3 and it's preformance under the operating system so I would figure it does support it.
  6. Okay so I tried to connect to it with another computer of mine running Ubuntu Server 18 (used as a Minecraft server with the lubuntu gui ontop I can't remember what it's actually called) after installing samba. It's situation is exactly the same. See but no touch. However the error is that "connection refused". But what would I do to fix that? Is it samba refusing or a network thing? I did open the firewall for it. Interestingly once samba was installed the Ubuntu Server computer showed up as gameserver (it's actual name) on the imac and didn't seem to have any issue connecting to it (of course nothing was set up so I couldn't log in as any one and going in as guest showed blank but there was no errors). Although that could be something different entirely.
  7. Long story short I'm trying to connect my 2009 Imac (MacOs 10.13.6) to my PopOs Samba share (Ubuntu 18.04) on my lenovo yoga book locally. I used this tutorial: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/install-and-configure-samba#1-overview So everything appears to have gone as it said it should. I saw on my finder window under 'Shared' SAMBA24 which I recognized under the smb.conf so I tried connecting but it keeps giving me the "cannot connect to server maybe it doesn't exist or you typed in the ip wrong" blah blah blah. So I changed the name of the samba under smb.conf just to see what would happen and sure enough the name under 'Shared' in finder changed...but can't connect. I tried doing it manually by hitting >go>connect to server> and typing every version of smb://ip/ or smb://ip/sambashare that I could think of and nothing. It certainly isn't an issue of them seeing each other because of the name being able to change and my Popos laptop can access a samba share on my mac if I set it up....but that's not what I'm trying to do. Further more I have tried doing research on the smb.conf to see if there's anything I was supposed to mess with but besides interfaces and host allow nothing else would make sense to do (ontop of that I'm afraid attempting to mess with those has only made things worse). I need help to say the least. Could this be an issues of something I'm unaware of like PopOs having their own weird configuration that I just clashed with my set up or that this guide is out of date? Could it even be my mac? Please and thank you ahead of time that's really all the info I can give atm. Thank you in advance.
  8. Another thing. Currently at "Idle" (MC server running but no active users) The cpu is sitting at 55c-57c
  9. Oh I see. I'll have to look into later when I'm home. Ty for the troubleshooting tip.
  10. I have not yet tried that. I guess I could see how it does later, but I wouldn't consider that as a permit solution.
  11. It isn't rivited shut all around so I was easily able to look inside by just moving a single screw. It's bought used and very recently. The interior was nearly perfectly clean beside the fan having a small amount of surface level dust, which I did clean. I'm convinced it's more a matter of workload/size issue as I'm sure it's really only meant to run browsers/word processors efficiently not a mc server that occasionally gets a spike in load.
  12. Disclaimer: I guess this could be considered a mod post but I am less interested in the modding and process of modding itself and more with the cooling theory/practice behind it. Forgive me I haven't been active in a while. I have a Leno ThinkCentre M72e 3264 that I purchased to use as a MC server for me and my friends. It's obviously much quieter a more compact than the tower I was using before so I've taken to running it 24/7. My concern however is that from time to time it'll get a decent bit louder and the chassis will be fairly warm to the touch. While I'm sure it's technically fine I'm worried about it affecting it's longevity (and overall quietness) and have considered attaching a fan to the top of it in some way. This is something I had considered briefly while purchasing it but what I didn't realize was that it uses a blower style cpu fan that comes out the front, and only, exhaust. I'm hoping to give some of my thought process here as to what or what not to do and see if you guys can give me some advice on what to do, or if it'll even be worth it, because quite frankly I'm not sure if any of this is even accurate to how airflow and air cooling works. Original Idea: Drill a few holes on top and mount a fan to help blow out the hot air Cpu uses blower style so I'd be going against the Cpu's main fan as opposed to aiding it Would probably just suck out and fresh air from the passive intake vents 2. Just cool the chassis: Drill only the mounting holes ontop and mount a fan to help cool the chassis which will in turn help keep the rest of it cool Even with a thin fan I'd probably have to make sure it's raised a bit which would effect it's effect size but not much Is this even a thing????? Cool Chassis = Effectively Cooler Components???? 3. Drill some holes or cut out a square and cover it with a filter of some sort Give it more fresh/cooler air to work with Might compromise it's intended airflow? (Could the fan handle pushing more air?) 4. Get over it, it isn't worth it but i guess you can do -blank- for luls I appreciate the help.
  13. Never heard of this game. I’ll check it out, see if there’s a way to get it without steam. Definitely would be a different game vs the ones I have. I’m sitting on a lot of shooters/arena shooters
  14. You know I’m not sure what kind of interests the turn out will have but I have no fighters or brawlers on deck so I think it’d be a great addition.