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  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • Motherboard
    ASRock X570M Pro4
  • RAM
    2x8GB G.Skill Sniper X, 3600MHz
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX1080
  • Case
    BitFenix Pandora Micro
  • Storage
    Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB
  • PSU
    Corsair RM650x (2018)
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    Asus PB278Q
  • Cooling
    Default(boxed) + 3x120 Corsair SP120
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    Logitech G710+
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    Logitech G602
  • Sound
    Onboard with Lepai LP-2020A+ and Dayton B652
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    Windows 10 home

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  1. Is that MB still on Warrenty? And did you get your MB out of that case? ... Sounds like your MB Is shorting out to the case. As MB bends it eather can start or cant...
  2. Ok. Sorry dont remeber is your MB out of the case ? ...if its not. Then try it out of the case examble on the box that MB did come to you. Will it not be enable to turn on that PSU?
  3. To me those would cost (if ordered from there) 141,61€. So that wouldnt be good for me but if you can get them for 105€ personally i would get them. If i dont member wrong even LTT says on video that AMD has 3600 max but you can get 3800 too working with 1:1 so.. For 1440 i would get 5700
  4. same brand? ...What are the kits product numbers? here 2x8gb 3000 cl16 = 92,9€, 2x8gb 3200 cl16 = 93€, 2x8gb 3600 cl18 = 99€ So nice prices you have there. I did go with 3600 but then again i did get main when it was 93€(now its 114€). 3000 to 3200 isnt so big of jump but maybe like jstudrawa sayd you can get 3600? Timings isnt so big of a deal...
  5. when there is nothing connected there shouldent be any USB to remove
  6. allways same code with so many difrent settings. Sounds like MB/BIOS issue to me. That MB dosent have seccend BIOS chip on it ?
  7. Same code 8 if you take all out (even case). Clear the CMOS and try to boot it without anything but the PSU ofcorse?
  8. and if you get the point where you can power on your PSU but your MB cant do it. Then try it without that GPU. It shouldent matter but world is full of wonders. Then i would try it on that lover PCI-e slot and see what happends...
  9. My F-secure didnt like that Thaiphoon site at all or the prog. But every one that i have found that looks what chip there realy is uses it so dont know whats the prblem... Anyway main ram has Hynix "c-die" if you belive that prog and if google it and belive what reddit says then it's = Hynix CJR. And results are Cl16 allso so my 3600 CL19 could come down with added voltages a little bit. on my setup Fast calculation isnt supported for some reason. So my point maybe it is close to Cl16. And remember as AMD Gear Down Mode on this high Freq your CL cant be odd number if you dont disable it.
  10. HI, Are you sure your memory has Samsung B-die in it? Did you change the voltages like the calculater shows you? as your kit is 3200MHz CL16 i would think you need to losen timings to get 3600MHz out of it stabel so i would think some thing like 20-20-20-40. but then again this is new to me too and i havent tryed yet that tool but i have sean guide for it on YT and on it it looked simple...
  11. (quote)It didn't at first, but now it is successfully turning on multiple times in a row, and giving vga error code because I have the gpu out (as well as the SSD) when this happened before and I stuck the gpu in it wouldnt turn on again, advice on what to do next?(/quote) I would put all back together and if the error comes back then i would be damn sure i shorth correct front panel pins. And if that dosent help i would check dose the PSU turn on when jump started
  12. My PSU Dose have Zero RPM mode and even it turns on, on start up (for self check i q). So if your PSU dosent run it fans or powerleads dosent power on sata/molex leads and you are sure you shorted correct mb power switch pins then. Take out your ATX 24 pin and jump start your PSU with paper clip (green to Black) to see is it your MB or PSU that is fault here. If your PSU has all Black wires then be sure to shorth correct ones!!!!
  13. ahh ok. dos your PSU fan turn on when you power on the PC?
  14. Sorry, So do you see those leds turn on or not? and if they do turn on, dose one stay on or will they all turn off?
  15. Do you have ligths on MB at lover rigth corner? There should be 4 red leds for "Post Status Checker" (PSC). Those should run from top to bottom and stop on the part that its currently working on. 1.CPU, 2. DRAM, 3.VGA, 4. BOOT/Storage.