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  1. I cant find a version for windows 10. I cant install the other ones , they dont work.
  2. Tested speakers and headsets both work on other systems, i dont have the front panel connected .
  3. Analog, in the port after the mic input(the second port) and yes i do see a bar moving.
  4. I get no audio from my sound card (asus xonar dx). It is detected and i have installed drivers from the asus website but i still get no sound out.
  5. I have a gtx 770 and the sound card is not detected in device manager.
  6. So i just got this new sound card. (asus xonar dx https://www.asus.com/us/Sound-Cards/Xonar_DX/ ) When i try to plugg my audio system in i get no audio. When i try to install drivers it says that it(the sound card) can not be found.(both cd and from the site) When i touch the card it feels warm so it does get power. Tried it on several lanes still the same. The extra power cable is plugged in. I have a asus z97-p motherboard. Thanks for any help
  7. So when i try to start up my computer it gets stuck on the asus screen.Keyboard does not seem to work.Its like its frozen.
  8. Wondering if you can use a 24pin psu connector on an 14 pin mobo connector or do you need an adapter?
  9. I have a 2 year old gtx 770 , can barely get 45fps in witcher 3 on medium to low graphics time to upgrade!
  10. So i have a pair of hyperx cloud but i'm looking for an upgrade , i found the Audio Technica ATH-M50X for about 120 us dollars , is it worth it?
  11. Here is a link to cdon where you can see the custom variants of the gtx 1080(includes specs).- http://cdon.se/search?q=gtx+1080